Colour Changing Magic

What you are about to read is the adventure of Moggins, a slave boy who has been turned into a monster by his owner Madam Haggit (who is a witch). Moggins' brother vanished years ago and Moggins suddenly decides to set off on an adventure to find him after he makes friends with a lizard, who is a wizard (I hope you're keeping up with this). Join them as they encounter fun, tricky, scary, sad and humorous situations.

Chapter 1 - The Necklace

“If it wasn’t for the extraordinary fact that she was my owner I would have killed her right there and then! As if it was my fault that the jar fell from the shelf! After all, she was the one that told me to fetch the box next to it. How did I know the jar was there? I wasn’t even told about it, her own creation, it’s as if I am oblivious to her… used as a slave!

Madam Haggit is her name. Oh Madam Haggit, face like a maggot! She has told me off for many things but never, NEVER has she punished me in this way; locking my soul in a monsters body. This isn’t good for my reputation. Monsters don’t live! Monsters ALWAYS die! In every tale, in every story, the monster ALWAYS dies! Monsters aren’t necessarily bad, only monsters whose owners are bad turn evil. Good monsters should live, we don’t deserve to die… I don’t deserve to die!” said Moggins, who was now a monster. Madam Haggit was a witch who always wore dark purple clothes. Dark purple cloak, dark purple boots, dark purple hat, dark purple top and trousers and she even wore dark purple make-up on her face.

“MOGGINS, I hope you’re not talking to yourself again now, are you?” Madam Haggit cried and with a reluctant reply Moggins said, “No Madam, just singing whilst I clean the toilet.” and lifting the seat up he started to act out a scrubbing motion.

“Good. It needs a good clean!” she yelled.

“LOOK! Will you stop shouting in my ear? You’re standing right next to me for Lumpy’s sake.” Moggins said, with an even more annoyed look on his face.

“Will you stop going on about Lumpy? He’s dead now, forget him!” Madam Haggit said, with an even more annoyed look on her face than Moggins’.

“Yes, that you may think, that you may think Madam… but I believe that when you performed that spell on Lumpy he disappeared into another realm!” Moggins replied, with a smug look on his face.

“Another realm?” said Madam Haggit, who was rather confused at the word. Madam Haggit only went to Muffle School and so only learnt the dictionary for beginners!

“Yes, realm. It’s another word for world, Madam.” Moggins exclaimed.

“Oh right, I see.” Madam Haggit replied. Moggins always had to explain things to Madam Haggit as he was the smartest of the family.

“And so, does the word realm have any specialities to it?” Madam Haggit asked with a wondering look on her face.

“Specialities, Madam? Not that I can think of.” Moggins always likes to call her Madam. He thinks it’s a more preferable and posh word to use, rather than going round calling her Haggit all the time.

“Well, I’m off.” Moggins said with a quick approach.

“What? Just like that!? You haven’t even cleaned the toilet properly… and why on the earth did you use MY TOOTHBRUSH?” Madam Haggit said with yet another annoyed look on her face. She always frowns, Madam Haggit. Moggins came up with a very clear dictionary meaning for frowns which is; ‘Whoever frowns the most has the most wrinkles around their forehead, nostrils and/or eyes!’

“Well, you can buy a new one with magic. If I used my own I would have to walk twenty miles to the toothbrush shop, which is directly to sell toothbrushes and why it’s called a toothbrush shop, which you wouldn’t know because you’ve never been two miles away from here let alone twenty!” Moggins said sarcastically, gasping for breath towards the end.

“You know, Moggins…” Madam Haggit said.

“Yes Madam?” Moggins replied.

“You talk through your bottom sometimes.” Madam Haggit continued. Ignoring her words Moggins turned around and walked out of the room, closing the door behind him whilst murmuring to himself. And so, off Moggins went down the dirty cobble stoned path, over the wall into the field and set off for work.

“Morning Moggins,” a voice cried to his left.

“Morning Bumble,” Moggins replied rather cheerfully to his female friend.

“Lovely morning Moggins,” came another voice, this time to his right from the local farmer who was wearing his usual bright orange shirt.

“It is Dingleburg, so it is.” Moggins replied in the same cheerful voice. Over the past seven weeks and four days that Moggins had lived in the small town of Bungsdale many people had grown rather fond of him, saying how nice he was and how nice he looked. He took quite a fancy to women, Moggins. The trouble was finding someone who liked the look of his new monster appearance.

He wasn’t thin nor fat but just in-between. Not cyan or navy but just in-between. His ears were not sharp and weren’t curved but were pointy, not big or too small but just in-between. His nose wasn’t big or completely not there but was small, and his teeth were the same size but weren’t sharp or too round but just in-between. He wasn’t small or tall but just in-between, and his fur wasn’t short or long but just in-between. Therefore Moggins wasn’t too perfect or not right at all, but for the right woman, he was just in-between.

As Moggins approached the factory of Gammer Bridge, near a stream, he felt all dizzy and somewhat disorientated by the smell of raw vegetables. In a few seconds Moggins’ whole body began to swell and turn an orangey red. He felt the need to shout loudly and roar out great words of anger. But somehow he managed to hold it back by singing the song ‘Birds make me go crazy’ by ‘Lucrei Dinky’, which was a number one hit in Bungsdale. Then, the swelling stopped and Moggins’ voice was deeper. He ran to the little stream and looked at his disgraceful reflection, in which he saw himself wearing an item which he had never seen himself with before. It was a pale sky blue necklace with the word ‘PORGY’ written on it.

“Y.G.R.O.P” Moggins said to himself in his deepened voice, “Ygrop…what an unusually weird name.” Moggins sort of chuckled to himself and reached round his neck to take it off, but when his fingers touched in the reflection they actually touched his neck. Again Moggins tried to take off the necklace, but with no joy. Immediately Madam Haggit appeared out of nowhere and was looking over Moggins like a giant.

“That’s your mark Moggins. You’re MY monster now, and there’s nothing you can do about it, nothing at all! And that necklace, it says PORGY. You read it backwards in the reflection. It’s the name of a shop! In fact it’s the name of a shop that is seventy miles away, which you wouldn’t know because you can’t use magic and you have only ever travelled twenty miles. Ha ha! Got you back good and proper there, didn’t I clever clogs?” was her essay before disappearing into a cloud of purple smoke.

“A necklace,” Moggins thought, “But why a necklace?”

The End

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