Friends & Evil Guards

I almost fell and hit my face on the floor, but I caught myself just in time. I scrambled back up and ran to the door of my cell. I wrapped my hands around the bars and yelled at my Guard, who was walking away.

"I hate you!" I yelled. "I hope you burn in--!"

I felt a cold hand close around my throat and a low voice growl in my ear, "You want to die tomorrow, boy? Because that's where you're headed."

"If it'll get me away from you," I snarled. I knew he wouldn't kill me tomorrow. That would mean I suffer less.

He looked ready to murder. But instead of murdering me, he threw me down on the cold concrete floor.

I landed with a dull thud. I looked up, and my Guard was gone.

As I sat in my cell, I looked around at all the other cells around the prison. The cells were built into the walls. There was a balcony in front of every cell, with a wide exspanse of space in the middle. The balconies were connected, but there was only steel cording where railing should have been, as if no one cared whether the prisoners fell off and died.

At around twelve, a harsh bell rang and all the doors to the cells opened. Prisoners started to file out of their cells.

"C'mon," said a kind voice. I saw four guys standing in my cell. One of them offered me a hand and I took it.

I wondered what I was getting my self into. Maybe these people would be my ticket out of here. Maybe we could do this on our own.

The End

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