Yes, Ma'am

I don't want to sound concieted or anything, but I was putting up a pretty good show.

I yelled out awful, awful names and words that I can't even record here. I was screaming my head off and banging on the windows with both fists, but the doors were impossible to get through, the windows as hard as steal, but as clear as water. The colors around me were tinged with red. My refeltion in the glass showed me my eyes, pure red with hatred and full of insanity.

But the Guards just stood there, outside, enjoying a cup of coffee. They were chatting like old friends. I wondered why they could use emotions but they had shoved me into a car for kissing Krista, who by the way, was doing a great job as she sat in a different car about teen feet away from mine.

She was crying real tears. Her head was buried in her hands and she was shaking uncontrollably. The colors around her were deep blues, purples, and blacks. I might have believed she was actually upset, but when the Guards weren't looking, she caught my eye and winked.

When my Guard finally decieded that I'll-Drink-This-Coffee-While-You-Sit-And-Bang-On-The-Windows-Break was over, he slumped into his seat, scowling into the rearview mirror. Not many people in my world had cars. They had been in style many years ago, but when the Dictator rose to power, many people stopped using them. Too much stress.

"Caught red-handed, were you?" he asked, a slight glint of insane happiness in his murky brown eyes.

I raised my eyebrows but didn't reply.

"So? Were you?"

"How come you get to show emotion when we don't?" I asked fiercely, leaning forward in my seat a bit. The space around me flooded with colors in angry shades of red. My reflection in the window showed a teenage boy getting ready to pounce. I looked strangley catlike, my eyes reflecting the strange red light, my arms quivered with hatred. In fact, I was shaking all over. It wasn't an act anymore. I hated this guy.


"That's not a reason, jerk."

"I help run this city. You will adress me as mister or sir. Got that, vermin?" he asked

"Yes, sir, but are you sure you don't want me to call you 'ma'am?'" I said, sneering at him. He scowled, not very happy with my reply.

So he fastened his seatbelt and drove.

We drove past black and white cities, white pastures with black, white and gray animals, emotionless people and mountains. Lots and lots of mountains.

The City of Black and White is much like a city, actually.

There are different buildings for different emotions, each different sizes according to the number of jail cells inside. The buildings are two of a kind, one for girls and the other for guys.

The Guard pulled open the door, grabbed my shirt and pulled me forcfully out of the car when we got there.

"C'mon, vermin."

"Yes, ma'am."

He scowled even deeper.

He brought me to the door of a building that had a old and dirty sign hanging a bove it. It read:

City of B+W; Love

Men & Boys

Executions to be arranged later

Who puts that in front of the doorway? I mean, really! It's not cool.

But, nevertheless, it was there, and I realized just how big of a mistake I had made, and just how hard it would be to undo it.

Krista was pulled by her Guard into the building opposite of mine. We wouldn't be able to contact each other at all.

He pulled me inside the doorway, which was flancked by two people that should've been called "vermin," because they looked much like that.

The floors of little prisons went up seven floors. I was pulled into one on the second floor. I learned that the people on the first floors are the ones who are closest to being executed. I must have genuinely ticked him off if I got the honor of being shoved into a cell on the second floor. I was almost proud of myself, despite the fact that it gave me about a month until I was executed, and my world was lost forever.

The End

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