The City of Black & White

We looked down on the city from the other side of the mountain. We were the only colorful thing we knew of at the time. The pine trees were a beautiful green, the dirt a rich brown, and the sky a pale blue. There was a stream snaking through the mountain. It was clear and colorful, the fish in it small and orange.

Krista leaned on my shoulder. I was wearing a bright red shirt and blue jeans. She was wearing blue jeans as well, with a black and blue striped shirt.

It was the first time I had felt warm in a very long time; the last time I had felt warm was when I was with Krista last. That had been three months ago. We couldn't risk seeing each other every day or every week. Someone would probably notice and follow on of us, catching us using emotions red-handed.

Krista brushed a misplaced strand of hair behind her ear. "So. Who's on the list today?"

"Well," I said, taking out the list of names from my pocket, "There's Jason Silver, he was the Dictator's closest friend. The Dictator actually told him his plans, but Silver told him that it was a bad idea."

"So you think you could get him on our side?"

"Already did," I said happily. "Visited him yesterday. He was actually thinking of doing something like this himself."


"Yeah. Oh, and we also have Victoria Stark, Kyle Stone, Cleo and Veronica North, and Jaden Carter. I visited them all last month. They're in too."

"This is so great! I only got to twelve people in three months, and then I only got 8 of them fully convinced. One told me that he was too afraid of what would happen and the others are still deciding. How many people did you get?"

I smiled. "Well, I got seven this month already convinced, I got twelve last month, and ten the month before."

"Ugh! You are so good at this. I'm just terrible."

"You're not terrible. You just need more practice, that's all."

She pushed me playfully. "I've been doing this longer than you have. I started this idea before I even met you."

"That's not my fault."

"Whatever you say."

I laughed, but then stopped abruptly, the smile slipping off my face.

"What's wrong?" Krista asked, looking at me worriedly. The colors around us changed dramatically; the sky turned a bit darker, the trees looked scarier than they had a moment ago, the fish turned black and the water wasn't as clear, as if someone had dumped a bucket of dirt in it.

"Look there." I pointed down the mountain side. There were people walking up the mountain side. It looked like a woman and a man. They were surrounded by gloomy colors. They were not afraid to show emotion, like us. But something bad had happened.

"Hey there!" I called to the people. Their heads snapped up, looking worried for a second, but then they relaxed. "Are you alright?"

They both shook their heads.

"Come here," Krista called. "We'll speak."

They both nodded and then started walking closer. When they reached us, we saw that they were only about five years older than us.

"Hello," said the lady timidly.

"Hi," Krista said kindly. "Is there anything wrong?"

"Yes," said the man shortly.

"Our little boy was taken away this morning," said the woman, a tear running down her face.

"Where to?" I asked, leaning forward.

"The City of Black and White," the man said angrily.

Krista gasped, clamping her hand over her mouth. "Why?" she exclaimed.

"Because of us," the woman sobbed. "We--the Guards saw us laughing. We thought they were going to kill us, but they took Cameron instead."

"How old was he?" I asked.

"Five." The woman answered, wiping her eyes on her sleeve. "We were stupid teenagers. I had him when I was seventeen."

Krista and I looked at each other, a silent understanding passing through us. We needed to go to the City of Black and White. That was where the people were put in jail who had showed emotion went. We needed to break those people free. That was the only way to win this silent war between the Dictator and the people of Limen, my city. Well, it was my city before the Dictator decided to rename it Ergastulum.

"Mr. and Mrs...?" Krista asked.

"Jones," the man answered.

"Mr. and Mrs. Jones, we'll get your son back to you."

"Really? How?" Mrs. Jones loooked surprised.

"Well... The only way to get to the City of Black and white is to show emotion, yeah?" I said, getting to my feet.

They nodded mutely.

"Well, that's what Krista and I will do. Then the Guards will take us to the City and we'll work it out from there."

They were silent for a moment, and then the woman launched herself at me, hugging me around the neck. "Thank you, thank you! You are so brave, I wouldn't have ever come up with an idea like that... oh, you are both so brave..."

"Don't mention it," I managed choked out.

She let go of me and smiled at Krista. "Many thanks to both of you. I do hope this goes well..."

We exchanged addresses and phone numbers. Then Krista and I began to work on the plan.

"Ready?" I asked her. We were in Ergastulum once again, hiding behind a black and white building. A Guard was just around the corner.

"Ready," she said. We joined hands and walked around the corner. The Guard's back was turned. We talked and laughed loudly so he could hear us. He turned around just in time to see me kiss Krista.

The End

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