Jake lives in a colorless world, with colorless people and no emotions. Literally.


"Sir... please. This is not the answer."

"Jason, I can't live like this... everyone getting hurt... I can't... It's killing me..."

"But, sir, this isn't going to solve anything!"

"It will solve a whole lot, thank you very much."

"Sir! This isn't the answer... please... I'm begging you..."

"My mind is made up, Jason. Nothing is goiong to stop me now..."

"Taking away all the people's rights is enough, but demanding that they show no emotion is too far! Sir, you have to listen to me... this is much too crazy..."

"What has emotion ever done for me? You tell me just one thing."

"Sir, it was just one bad week... Don't let it... It's not right..."

"I'm not going to let this happen again. With no emotion, no one will ever get hurt..."

"Sir, you're not thinking straight."

"I'm thinking perfectly straight!"

"You are blinded by hatred! Sir, this is just too far... You're going crazy, just look at you..."

"Jason, I can't believe you. You are my closest friend. How could you not support this?"

"I happen to like emotion, sir."

"Whatever. I'm going to put this plan into action. And no will be able to stop me. Not even you."

The End

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