As I listened to her read aloud the words in our book, I heard the hesitance just before finishing. A brief, yet sullen, pause which seemed to last forever as I can only assume she contemplated the words, and their true meaning. An act, I found promising.

          "Good job, Miss Harris." Mr. Braham interrupted her then. He was a stout man, with pale eyes, and silvery colored hair. I watched briefly, as he turned, and headed the board behind him. The suade material of his shirt, catching slightly under his arms as he did. "Now," He continued, though his back still faced us. "who can tell me what that means?"

          The room fell under a veil of silence then, as the teacher's question went unanswered. Then, either out of disbelief, or confusion, he turned around as if the motion would stir up a response. It did. Two seats in front of me sat a boy as pale as death. My only thought, one which told me he was a  Child of the Night. Vampire, to be exact. In that instance, I rolled my eyes, and sat forward in my chair. How I find myself in situations like this, I can never fathom. What would my father think, of my being here, in the same room as them? Surely, he would not approve.

           The boy in front of me shifted then, and raised his hand. "You!" Our teacher called out. Everyones eyes falling along suit as we waited to hear what this lesser being had to say.

       It was then the feeling of alikeness suddenly came to me, and I remembered just how far my Kingdom, and its people have come. We too were once Children of the Night, created, and molded from many forms, if you will. Unlike werewolves, we do not need air to breathe. Human blood, though we still consume upon occasion, we do not need to survive. And compared to the Fae, who take many lovers in their days, and dine in pleasures of luring humans into their beds. When we take another, it is for life.

         "It sounds like someone's about to get laid!" They boy yelled out. The notation of raising his hand, a contradicting to the very words that poured from him mouth. One would think someone with such a vulgar taste of mind would be prone to blurt out rather than sit back, and raise their hand timidly.

"Mr. Karter," The teacher pushed to gain the boys attention again. The room erupting in a cannon of laughter, one student after another. Rolling my eyes, I sat back, and snuck a glance over at the girl. I had expected to find her laughing, or exchanging looks but, found neither. Instead, her cheeks were flushed a bright shade of pink, almost as if she were embarrassed by what he had inferred from the passage. Intriguing, I thought. "Mr. Karter, next time you chose to speak fouly in my classroom, I advice you to rethink that. For the next time you do, the Principle will hear about it. I will not tolorate students being vulgar, especially ones who are supposed to be more mature."

             The boy named Karter, gave another laugh. His lips pulling up to reveal two sharp points. His whole being slowly starting to annoy me. "If we are so mature, then why is talking about sex vulgar and not sensable?" he asked. His hands flairing around, and making it hard for you to focus on but the way he flung them so. "Seems like a reasonable anough question to me."

             By now, I had grown tired of this kid. Only two class periods through, and I was already ready to pull out, and break my promise to Neoma. For the rest of the class period, the teacher refused to take anymore suggestions. Instead we sat in silence and copied down predeterminded notes where the teacher, himself, had gone through and given his view over the passage. His believe in a undying love, and foreverness, something I related to in some form. Back in Embress there is such a passage, much like this one, that I myself would use such words to describe. Of course, as of now its words have seemed to slip my mind.

           In some ways I’ve never understood the meaning of it all, until now. The time, fifteen minutes past sunset, and the place somewhere that smells of death and roses. As fate brought them together, it will be another's to see them apart. Only when he loses himself in her, and opens his mind to the truth, only then will their journey begin. For it wasn't that they were going to fall in love, by some strange chance but, the inescapable fact that they would. There was no error, no room for doubt. They were meant to be together, whether they wished for it or not.

               This passage elludes me though. Normally where as I would have a clear opinion, its meanings are endless. The bell sounds a few minutes later, somewhere between his connection of their love and the one working to keep them from it. I smile, and close my book. The steady lull of seats being push out, and students carrying on into the hall, pulling me from my thoughts.


The End

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