Last night, I put a name and a face to the sole guy every girl in school currently has a crush on. No wonder he looked so nervous when my mother tried to introduce us. He probably thought I was going to pounce on him, like every other girl in this town. Clovey included, that is if she's seen him yet. If not, the second she does, its game on. That girl seriously has no boundaries when it comes to getting her man. For me, lets face it, going to school with a bunch of fictional characters, and being an odd human out, really narrows down the dating pool. If Luke and I hadn't always shared classes, and wound up being partnered together, I would have never dated him. Honestly, until Noah showed up, Luke was the one all the girls daydreamed about. I was lucky to have had my chance with him, even as short lived as it was.

"Hey did you do the reading last night?" I heard him ask, his foot kicking the back of my chair once more as I turned around, and shot him an annoyed look. "What?"

            "Just leave me alone." I said and turned back around. I could feel myself beginning to blush then, and quickly made a motion to fan myself. Could it be any hotter in here, I asked myself.

"Did I do something wrong?" he continued completely disregarding what I had just said. His voice more abrupt, and pronounced. "You've been acting as if I pissed you off somehow."

              "Excuse me Mr.Harrison, are interrupting you?" Mrs. Mackintosh's voice echoed the room. The chandelier that hung slightly off center, shifted then, its crystals feeling the intensity of her tone. She had been in the middle of discussing the class syllabus, at the part where she states all personal issues must remain at the door, when she heard Luke raise his voice at me.

                 In a moment, where I shared in Luke's embarrassment from being called out in front of the class, I took a second to glance around the room. My eyes locking with his, almost immediately. It was Noah. "No ma'am, I apologize." Luke had answered, and I watched as Noah shifted almost uncomfortably within his chair, and then looked back up to the front of the room.

               "Well see to it that for now on, Miss Harris and you do your homework. If you had you would have already understood, I have no tolerance for teen dramatics. Your issues will wait for outside my classroom, am I clear?"

"Well, I'm not sure." He said, and I could feel Luke's breath against the back of my neck as he leaned forward, and then continued. "Like you said, I didn't do my homework."

             "He didn't!" Clovey yelled enthusiastically across the room. As she and I waited for the rest of our class to show up so we could get this class over with and head to lunch. "Oh Mrs. Mackintosh must have freaked out! She's really a stickler when it comes to her syllabus and rules. I should know, I had her last year remember?"  

"I remember," I smiled, and thought back to the time when Clovey got detention because Mrs. Mackintosh said she seemed up to no good. I swallowed hard, and prayed I could make it through her class without getting on her bad side. My parents wouldn't understand. "Hey, Noah's in that class." I added, almost forgetting. "I think he was transferred."

              "How lucky for you," She smiled playfully and then continued. "I would give my right limb to have a class with him."

Just then the bell, sounded, and students flooded through the classroom doors. "You're so strange," I said, still laughing. "I don't see what's so special about-"

                "Noah!" Mr. Braham called out. "Noah Caspian, I am pleased to have you in my class. Please find yourself a seat."

           Instantly my eyes went to the front of the room, and found him. Standing there, dressed in a black t-shirt and jeans, and for a second I lost myself in the way his sleeves hugged at his biceps. The image of those arms wrapped around me, holding me, the final push that told me to snap out of it. When I finally did, a pair of electric blue eyes, were starring back at me. Clearing my throat, I turned back to Clovey, and tried to ignore what had just happened. Yet, she just sat there, rolling her eyes.

"Seriously?" she sighed, flipped her hair, and leaned in closer so that no one would hear her. "Only you would be lucky enough to score two classes with Mr. Sexy Irishman over there."

           "Sexy, Irish, what?" I asked, in a broken sense, that told her she had lost me again.

"Sexy Irishman," she repeated. "its the code name I gave him. You know, so this was we can talk about him in front of others without them knowing who we really mean!"

            I turned in time to watch Noah take his seat, a smile playing at his lips. In an instance, he stole a look over at us, and I wondered if he had heard what she said. "Mr. Sexy Irishman, huh?" I asked only after I found the thought of that crazy. Even vampires don't see their hearing capabilities set in at least until they've well surpassed the change. Which I have heard can last up to twenty something years.

"You got it!"

          "Ladies, in the back!" Mr. Braham raised his voice just then. "Care to start us off?"

"Of course," I said immediately, not want to agravate, yet another, teacher in what is only our second day back. Then opened my book to the page, I saw a girl next to me skimming, and continued. "I'm sorry, from where?"

             "Page six, paragraph nine, line six." He answered. His expression one of annoyance but, I blocked it out and focused on the words. Sighed, and then began.

             "In some ways I’ve never understood the meaning of it all, until now. The time, fifteen minutes past sunset, and the place somewhere that smells of death and roses. As fate brought them together, it will be another's to see them apart. Only when he loses himself in her, and opens his mind to the truth, only then will their journey begin." Pausing only long enough to draw in another breath, and release. I felt a strange sense of foreboding wash over me. It was as if the words were only written, for me to read them. I glanced over to Clovey then, who didnt seem phased at all, and then refocused. Only this time, as I read the words aloud, Noah came to mind.

"For it wasn't that they were going to fall in love, by some strange chance but, the inescapable fact that they would. There was no error, no room for doubt. They were meant to be together, whether they wished for it or not."

                   "Good job, Miss Harris." Mr. Braham interrupted then, and turned around to the board. I watched briefly, as he took his time, to draw out each letter trying to make it legible for everyone to read. "Now who can tell me what that means?"



The End

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