"How many?" I heard myself say out of repetition. By now, I was like a broken record playing the same track in annoying phrases. Scanning the room, I looked for a table that would seat six, and quickly sat them accordingly. Yup, this had pretty much been my night. After Luci, the new hire host, didn't show, mom threw me on her post, which normally I wouldn't mind since we're usually dead, and which meant I could spend most of my night on my phone or googling. But for some strange reason, we've been packed tonight.

             "Hey sweetie, how's hosting going?" Mom asked as she took a break from greeting tables to come talk to me.

"Oh just peachy," I smiled, and rolled my eyes.

             "Okay, what's wrong? You've been in a bad mood all night."

"It's nothing." I sighed, and then plastered on yet another fake smile as the door opened and more guests filtered in. "Laurie, please seat them at table eight." I called out to a waitress passing by. She smiled, and walked them to a table in her section instead. Okay, I thought to myself. Laurie's being a b-

              "Two please," an older voice called out, as I had my back turned to the door. I rolled my eyes, again, way over this night and the never ending sea of customers, and turned around.

              Only, when I did, to say I was caught off guard by the pair of customers in front of me was a complete understatement. I had to reach for the lectern just to stay standing upright. I could literally feel my chest tighten, and my breath grow shallow. "Hi," was all I could think to say.

"Calimer?" My mothers voice was behind me again, only this time she would never know how grateful I was. "What are you and your-eh- son doing here? I thought you were going to be held up for the next couple of days."

              "Plans changed." the guy standing beside the man my mother called Calimer said, his voice deep, and mysterious but, I couldn't get past how blue his eyes were.

               The man my mother referred to as Calimer, spoke next. "Correct my dear son," he smiled, and then continued. "Plus we still have to eat eventually. Think of this as a business dinner."

           Looking over at my mother briefly, I couldn't see why she was acting so strange. Normally she would jump at the opportunity to talk about her business with anyone, and if this man is who I think he is, than my mothers meeting late last night must have turned out as I knew it would. Amazingly. Mother always nails meeting with business men. That's how she came to own this restaurant after all. No one can say no to her, and if their meeting was important enough for her to leave during the dinner rush, he must be someone important.

"I'll show you to a table." I smiled, and picked up a pair of menus, and then hopped off my stool. "My mom deserves a break anyways." I added truthfully. She really did work hard at her job.

               "Honey, you go ahead and escort Mr. Calimer on ahead." she smiled sweetly, and pushed me along. "I think I need to exchange a few words with his grac- I mean Noah." Noah, the name echoed inside of me, filling and awakening something inside my chest.

"Okay?" I said confused, though I didn't argue. "Its just over here," I continued. "Your servers name will be Mason, and he's probably our best server by far."

                "Other than you, of course." The older man added to my statement, as if it was the highest of all compliments. I flushed a bright pink.

"Sure," I smiled nervously, and then continued. Ready to be any where but at this table right now.  "Well, enjoy! If you need anything, don't hesitate to ask."

               "Oh, Noah never does." he smiled, and pushing his comment away, I turned around and walked back to the host stand. Creepy guy, I thought to myself.

The End

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