A Mother's PleaMature

                 Neoma watched the Prince, and her nerves grew. Nothing good was going to come from his disregard to her statement. Beside her, the love of her life, and father to her only child stood impatient. She said a prayer then, he would remain calm. "Your Grace," she tried again. This time, remembering to whom she was addressing. "All I ask, is that my daughter have a shot at a normal life."

"She is far from normal." Calimer retorted her statement instantly. "She never will be, and to deny his Grace a chance in finding his Legacy will only result in tragedy for you and your family."

                  "My family will see no tragedy by our descision, if I have any say in the matter." Damien shouted, his hands curled into fists.

"Silence! All of you!"

              "Your Grace,"  Calimer nodded, and knelt once more. His gaze shifting almost immediately to the floor. Neoma followed his gesture.

"Calimer is correct in his statement, in which he said there would be tragedy but, he was incorrect in his use of the word."

               "Your Grace?" Calimer said, his voice dubious.

"I said silence!" The Prince shouted. "Neoma rise,"

                "Thank you, your Grace." she smiled. Beside her, she could feel and hear Damien's pulse racing.

"Do you understand what I just said?" The Prince asked. His blue eyes seeming to penetrate her very mind as if he were searching for the truth himself.

                "You are referring to Marcus, and his men." She responded. "Your referencing to say that the tragedy would not be to my family but, that of all the people in Embress if she is not found because of what Marcus and his men will do."

The Prince smileD then at her, and stood up from his chair. "You are wise Neoma, as you are correct." He paused then, looked to Damien, and then continued. "Damien, I know it seems like a lot for what I ask of you and your family to take on but, if my Uncle turns out to be correct in his assumption of your wife, and now daughters bloodline, then there is too great of a risk for me to walk away than for me to stay."

                "She will never be the same once she knows the truth." Damien whispered. His voice weak and uneasy now. "Her life as a normal teenage girl will never be the same, you will have stolen her youth."

"Better her youth, than an entire Kingdom of people's lives." The Prince added. "You see the glass only half full sir, would you not exult in this opportunity?"

                 "Not if it meant she could actually ascend. If she is the one, by chance, it will mean you've sealed her fate in a matter of time. She will die to this curse, there is no denying that!"

"How dare you speak to the Prince in that manor!" Calimer exclaimed. "To be a Legacy is not a curse but, a blessing passed down through the purest of bloodlines. If anything you should be begging his Grace to even consider her a possibility."

                  "I'm sure he meant no disrespect, your Grace." Neoma was quick to intervene.

"There is no need to apologize Neoma, all your husband did was speak the truth of what he believes." Then he returned his gaze upon her love, and smiled in admiration. "It takes great courage for people to speak the truth in my presence. Few do." For another second he hesitated, and in that moment Neoma took the time to absorb his features.

                 Tall, and lean, his whole persona is the essence of royalty. He looked not only like a god, his body shaped and molded into a soldiers physic; in Embress he was a God. This kid, barely older than her own daughter, carried himself as if he had already reigned for a century. For a moment she had forgotten to breathe, and as she did, she realized then how powerful her people truly were. They really were a race above all the rest. Even Children of the Night know better than to try and go against them. When she released another long and drawn out breath, she felt something more towards him. She felt pity, pity he had to grow up so fast, and with too many pressures for someone so young to have to bear.

                  "I will not lie to you, for I have no reason or desire to Damien." The Prince's voice snapped Neoma out of her thoughts and back into reality. "If your daughter is in fact the Legacy then, yes it will eventually be the death of her." he paused. "But that would not happen anytime in the near future. With her we would wipe the land of Marcus and his men without drawing up a sweat, and when she is done, I would grant her the choice in returning home, or staying in her ancestors lands. She would have full claim to make her own decisions, my only request that when the time came, if ever, that we would need her help again, that she return to carry out her natural purpose."

"You cant promise something you know nothing about." Damien responded, his tone harsh but indirect.

                     It was then Neoma, saw the Prince's expression begin to change. He had had enough honesty for one day. "We agree to you terms, your Grace." she said in haste. Damien took a step back then, either out of disbelief or something else entirely. "We have heard what you have promised, and we agree."

"Neoma, what are you doing?" Damien asked as if her words were like a hard slap across his face. "This is our daughters life you're throwing away!"

                   "You were the one who chose to move our family here Damien. I warned you of what would happen if we resurfaced into this way of life, and you disregarded me then, just as I am disregarding your opinion in the matter now." She said, and with that, reached back behind her head, and took on her disguise once more.

"That's not fair." Damien's voice sounded hurt, as if she had cut him down like he were a mere human. "You know why I did it, and this is not the time to get back at me for it."

                   "Its not about getting back at you, it's about doing what is best for my daughter now. And in this moment, the best thing for her is to go along with whatever his Grace feels necessary. Neither one of us have to like it, just as neither one of us truly have a say about it."

"Well then," The Prince seemed pleased, as he strode over to the fireplace. His hand resting against its brick exterior, as if he could even distinguish whether their surfaces were hot or cold. "given this recent turn of event, I am most pleased that you've changed your mind in the matter."

                  "With all do respect, your grace, I have more to say."

Nodding his head in what seemed to be both curiosity, and approval, she continued. "If we are to agree to this, than my only request is that you honor our wish to keep all of this a secret to her until the night of her ascent, if she should so be the Legacy. That way, if she turns out to only be a normal girl born into a bloodline she had no knowledge of, she can still keep what is left of her human view of life. Well, what normalcy she has as of now, at least."

                   "Interesting." was all the Prince said. "I did so hope, I could have a chance in judging all the attendants before that blessed night but, in this case, I am intrigued by your request."

"Your Grace, what will your Uncle think when he arrives with the others, and hears of this?" Calimer offered his thought.

               "My Uncle weighs my own decisions over his own, and would appreciate my considering of their request." The Prince retorted his statement. "After all, their bloodline is a long shot in the list of those more prone to producing a Legacy. So I shall weigh my thoughts in the matter, and get back to you in due time."

"Thank you, your Grace." Deoma smiled, and said appreciatorily.

                 The Prince nodded, and Deoma took that as her cue to leave. Turning afoot, Damien had followed her, and together they had made it out the door, when she heard the Prince call out to her, though in earnest he had probably spoken per usual. "Deoma, do not take my kindness today as weakness. This will be one of the few times I will allow you to make demands." his words played at her ears, and she shuddered as if hit by a brisk breeze. "If, and when I make my decision, my words will be final, and it would be wise not to go against me again."

                The two of them, Deoma and Damien, turned the corner and were finally out of his range of hearing. Only then could the two of them relax, and when she did, her mind wandered to her daughter. The image of her familiar golden hair, and same petite physic as her own, and for the first time in a long time, she prayed her daughter would be spared. 


The End

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