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               "This way, this way!" An old man in a simple shirt called out. To any regular person, he would seem to be nothing more that a regular mundane but, he was more than that. He was the Royal Keeper to the throne, an honor most would kill for. "I say, are you deaf? We are going to be discovered if you do not put some haste in those shoes your wearing!"

              Behind him strode two humans in woven cloaks. Masked from their disguise, they carried on their way and followed the older man into an abandoned house. Its windows, and doors barred from the outside to keep up its appearance of seeming empty. Once inside, the older man pulled out a small matchbox from his pocket, lite one, and threw it into the fireplace. Embers quickly blazing into a descent enough fire. "Alright, we made it." One of the two wearing a disguise finally spoke up. A man whose voice was shaky as if unsure he should speak. "Now tell us what is so important that your master would risk exposing us?"

            The older man in the simple shirt just smiled and took a seat in the small wooden chair closest to the fireplace. "My old bones aren't what they used to be, you must forgive me." he said.

              "Calimer, we haven't the time for your jokes." This time it was a woman who spoke up. The second of the two in disguise. Only she sounded more certain, than the man. Taking a step she shifted the cloak, and pushed back her hood. Her long golden colored hair, falling out in waves down her back. She looked at him then, and narrowed her gaze. "Speak your business or we shall leave, and you can be the one to answer to your master."

                Calimer watched her for a moment almost testing the veracity of her words before letting out a sigh of disdain and continued. "Very well." he began. "The time has come where the Prince begs your daughters presence."

"Never!" The man called out, his face still hidden behind his disguise. "Our family swore off any ties to your people the second we learned of your rulers intentions."

                "Your family doesn't have the luxury of swearing anything away." Calimer yelled then. His words echoing through the room with a vengeance. "You are nothing sir, and you would do well to remember that!"

"Watch your tongue sir, or I will take it from you!" The woman retorted.

                  "Neoma, you should watch your own! You know first hand what would happen if your family refuses his request." Calimer said. No longer in his chair, he now stood directly in front of the two. "If she is the Legacy, she will ascend, and with Marcus and his men closing in, he will take her with or without your consent. Would you really have her be orphaned so young because that is what will happen if you refuse, and you know this. Probably better than any of us."

"Now hold on a second!" The man said, and threw back his hood. "When we came here, it wasn't so that she could be within your grip, it was so that our family could learn how to survive if everything went to hell!"

               "This is bigger than hell, Damien." Claimer said.

The air shifted then, and it wasn't unnoticed. "Who said anything about hell?" A voice came from somewhere in the distance then. A younger voice than any of the other, and one that held a sense of authority to it. In that moment, Neoma, and Calimer knelt. "Stand please," He said again, and then strode into the room. "We are all friends here."

                "Your grace," Damien said, and knelt alongside the others, once he saw who it was. "I am so sorry, I didn't know."

"How could you?" The young boy smiled. He couldn't have been any older than nineteen. "Your hearing isn't as advanced yet as our is." 

                 Damien rose as the others did, and peered up at the young prince. His eyes glowed the bright blue, like sapphires, of his families inherited trait, and his hair was short and the color of mocha. He wore it pulled back like all the Caspian's before him, and Damien swallowed hard praying he hadn't offended him in some way.

"So," The Prince smiled then, and turned to his loyal Keeper. "have they been made aware of our plans Calimer?"

                 "Indeed, your grace but, I'm afraid there has been a miscommunication." he said with a slight hesitance.

"A miscommunication?" The Prince questioned as if he hadn't heard correctly.

                 "Your Grace," Neoma spoke up. "It is just that, when we moved our family here, we had no intentions of revoking any tie to Embress. Not that we reject where our people originated, only that we simple wish to continue on our normal lives."

                 Calimer seeing the Prince's expression, took a step back. The room held a steady lull of noises in the distance but, the people in the room themselves were as silent as if they had been put on mute. The prince himself, either couldnt or wouldn't let himself  hear what she had said. For if he did, than what she had just admitted to would be treason in the eyes of his father, and there was simply too much at stake to worry about matters of the law. Instead, he took a step back as well, and turned to take a seat in a chair across the room. It was a lot grander than the one Calimer had sat in, and yet as the Prince took his seat, it still seemed too insufficient for someone like his grace. Though as he gazed across at the two people too different in so many aspects for him to understand their love, he sat in utter silence and would wait until he thought they were ready to listen.

The End

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