After lunch, the day flew by as if all of the clocks were set on fast forward. All of us a blurry mess as we sifted in and out of our remaining periods. When school was over, I had managed to avoid seeing this estrange new guy all day. Sure, I heard the rumors of how overly sexy he was but, I hadn't been lucky or unlucky enough to see for myself. Though I wasn't so sure it would matter in the end anyways. As rumor also has it, he and Hannah have already established relationship status. Thus meaning, he was off limits to anyone who desired to continue living. She is only the daughter of our schools principle, and our towns most popular female vampire. Anyone who crosses her ends up either expelled or dead, and I want to continue living.

                "Hey Rielle," I heard Mason's voice call out from behind me. "Wait up!"

Standing amidst the parking lot, I treaded a bit forward and onto the sidewalk. "Hey Mace!" I replied.

              "Do you mind giving me a lift to work?" He asked, his voice staggered from running. "Mom took my car again, apparently I'm grounded now for giving her bad advice in color matching?"

"Seriously?" I laughed at how insane her reasoning's always seemed to me. Two years ago, Mason finally came out of the closet, so to speak to his mother, and ever since then she is convinced that means he knows everything there is to know about  fashion. Pausing in thought, I laughed again. "You would think she would have realized by now fashion isn't your thing."

                 "True but, when has my mother ever been smart about anything?" He was quick to respond. By now we had made it over to my car. "Still, I feel bad, you know? Almost like I owe it to her to at least try."

I started my car, and reversed. Hesitating only for a second long enough to turn back at Mason, who was currently looking out the window, his face pale as if he felt ill. "It's not your problem to be anyone but yourself. Your mother will come around eventually, she just has a weird way of trying to cope." Shifting into drive, I looked back to the road ahead and pulled out onto the street. "Maybe she hasn't found the words to tell you she's accepted it, and the only thing she can think to do is acknowledge the stereotypes."

                "So you're saying, her asking for my advice in the matter of fashion, is her own crazy way of saying she accepts it?" He asked, again.

"Yes?" I offered tentativley, not sure entirely what I was meaning to say myself.

                  "Cool." he said, and smiled. "I think I get it now."

"Good." I said, and then quickly changed the subject. "So, what section do you think you got tonight?"

                   Mason pondered within his own thoughts for a second, as I turned the car into Pete's Bar and Grill. The only place in town, run by humans, and that's only because its my mom's own personal restaurant. "Hopefully I'm out of the thirties for once, I feel like Theresa hates me lately. That's all I've seemed to get."

                Turning the car off, we listened to the engine come to a stop, and sat until the air stopped running before getting out. Neither of us enjoyed working here. The food is good, but with the fact that its actual food, and not kibble or AB+, our customers dwindle between tourist, and the few randoms who are in fact human. "Well, if that's the case you want to trade tonight?" I ask. "I'm not really in the friendliest customer service frame of mind tonight anyways." I admit.

"Sure but, what's up?" He says knowingly. I take a deep breath, and let it out. Mason seeing me do so, gets out of the car then and comes around to the drivers side. He opens my door. "Are you going to tell me, or do I have to force it out of you?"

                 "It's just," I paused, took another breath, and then continue. "It's Luke."

"What about him?" Mason asks almost instantly. "Did he say something to you?"

                 "No, nothing like that." I smiled up at him, and thought back. Ever since we first became friends, back on my first day here, I saw how he was with Clovey, and knew if we ever became friends he would treat me the same. He was just that type of person. "I just saw him with Lunar today, and it made me think-"

"Oh no it didn't!" Mason interrupted me. "It made you see how much of a player he is, that's what!"

                 Reaching his hand out to me, he helped me out of the car. Opening the truck I grabbed my apron, and my change of clothes, and then shut it. "I just thought we were perfect together, you know?"

"I know but, at least you found out now rather than later, right?"

                  "What? You mean-"

"Yes, I mean before he turned you into a blood thirsty vamper!" Mason smiled, and linked arms with me. "Remember what Clovey says, if-"

                  "If they consider you food, than you probably don't want to date the cook!" we finished together.

"That's such a ridiculous statement." I laughed.

                   "Thank you!" Mason yelled. "It seriously makes no sense but, hey, it works." he smiled.

"In a weird way it does." I agreed. "In a strange, insane way, I guess it does."


The End

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