My Dearest Uncle Phoenix,

            The time for sitting around and waiting for my father has come and gone. I too feel the time has drawn near for us to seek out our own form of protection. A legacy may just be our only way, and with that being said, I write to you now as I prepare to take my leave. I have sent word as you will probably already know by now, for us to meet not here but, where Marcus and his spies would never look for me to be. Even now, so far away from you, I can still picture the look on your face as you read this. Yes, I do mean what you are thinking Uncle.

         If we are to truly train them, and find her under secrecy, we must go to their territory. I have already made arrangements with my keepers to find board for us amongst trusted allies. The place a small town called Everemore. Here, as I'm sure you already are aware of, the final girl takes residence. The one you were so adamant in your beliefs. I too have taken consideration over her families bloodline, and though I have my own doubts, I have learned to trust you. I can count more times where you were correct in your predeterminations, than times where you have overextended your imagination.

             My betrothal, Axena, of course despises my leaving but, as she has read I have no choice. It is my duty as future ruler to be there to guide her and keep her focused. Only a weak leader would dispatch others less suited to carry out the task, and I am not weak. I do not see our trip taking longer than a week or two, so in the end, we parted on good terms. Although, I am weary about how I will react once I am in the presence of this Legacy. Far too many men, and dare I say Kings, have fallen victim to their known beauty. Shall I too feel the same, will I lose my beloved Axena to her powers of entrancement? I have more doubt than fear, she is still a human after all but, to go in with blind eyes would that almost guarantee my defeat.

             Once we arrive Uncle, I will leave it to you though to get the festivities going at a more convenient pace, as I focus on drawing her out. Her abilities will still be too weak to determine her presence for certain until the night of her ascent but, I do think I know enough to narrow down the field to a select few. After all, we will have nothing more than a mere few days once we arrive before the sacred night arises. When it does come, I would very much like to return home, and if everything goes accordingly. Maybe this return will mark the age of a new era?

             As I wind down my response, dear Uncle, I leave you with my deepest hopes and wishes for our success in the matter. To come home victorious would more than prove to my father that I am ready to take the throne. If we fail, well, I shudder to think of what repercussions may await me. My father is not usually a forgiving man as you know first handedly. Finally, though I have made no attempt in informing my parents to the topics we discuss amongst each other. None the less, I passed on your love as you asked. My parents in return asking me to do the same to you as I reply. You are correct when saying there is no certainty in tomorrow but, for what its worth, I dream to see a brighter day for all of us. One where our people have a more permanent and unrivaled existence, where Marcus and his men do not exist.

                                                          With Warm Regards, and Loving Sincerity

                                                                                        Your Nephew  

                                                                                                  Noah Caspian

The End

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