In this story two teenagers come together, from what seems like two entirely different worlds, to save the ones they love, and their home from a man who threatens it all. No one could have come to imagine what happens when the two collide, a unique and unexpected twist, that only brings more questions than answers to their growing list of problems.


            Time and time again, the need for a legacy has been proven. Our Kingdom, our people, can only thrive, but for a short while without one. I fear, dear nephew, in which that time has once again reached its limit, and yet, again one must come to us. Marcus and his men have raided the entire far side of our brothering Kingdoms, to the point where not even their ashes resemble the mightiness of what their structures truly were. His army is strong, but the hold he carries over those people who follow him so relentlessly, is daunting. They would all, too easily, follow him to their deaths, and that, dear nephew, is what you must truly be fearful of. An army that will do anything for their ruler is an army that has nothing to lose and everything to gain.

            How much longer will we last after the first of his people turn their gaze to Embress is, but a mystery in itself. As of now his people have gone silent and all but disappeared from our sights, but I dread what that must mean. Nephew, though you are still young, the time before you reign is rapidly increasing. Marcus and his men will come for us, and your father, our King, is still refusing to see what is right in front of him; our saving grace. I know it to be so, that if Marcus reaches our gates and the King still shows no sign of a victory, he will lose his people to chaos and you, dear nephew, will be left to rule, what is certain to be, a broken Kingdom after Marcus has finished. Your Kingdom, your people, will surely be reluctant to follow you or anyone else who bears our family’s sacred name. So my advice to you, though it bears no meaning to overstep my bounds, is to persuade you into seeing what must be done. If you care as much for Embress as I have come to believe you do, then you are not one to sit by as your future Kingdom is, but taken from you.

            A legacy, dear nephew, is the only way to stop Marcus and his men, which leaves finding one our only priority as of today. Your father, the King, will eventually come to realize why this is our only chance, but for now I fear we must tread this path alone. Nephew, in your studies I know you have come to read about our past Legacies and how they came to be, so I know you know where our search will ask of us to go. I will tell you, I have seen this strange land before, and though at first you will be weary and doubtful of their kind, I promise you, in time, all will be revealed as it is written. Finding one of those who are of the bloodlines chosen to become a Legacy will be an easy task, it will be finding one worthy that will be our greatest challenge.  You know as well as I do a Legacy’s power can only originate, when their blood is as pure as their own intentions. Meaning not only must they be of the chosen bloodline, but they must also have remained pure in ways I do not wish to say though are certainly understood.

           Nephew, unfortunately, as I have arrived to this part of my petition, it brings me to tell you a bit of rather unfortunate information, which was brought to my attention a while back. Information I had hoped we would never have needed to know, at the time, although now I whole heartedly regret keeping a secret. I also feel that with us being family, and you my brother’s son, I respect you all too much to waste any more time with an explanation for my actions, and shall just tell you in its simple truth.

           Shortly before Marcus and his men first came to Our Kingdom, and those of our brethren’s, an ambassador of the Legacies came to me with news of peculiar deaths among their bloodlines. He had evidence, which he believed proved Marcus to be behind it all. At the time, I brushed him off as nothing more than a deranged man with a hollow purpose, but he still kept coming back. I see now what it had all meant; Marcus had planned well for this war against us. Overtime he killed those of the bloodlines, to which he thought to carry the next Legacy. Now the bloodlines have dwindled and there are only, but a few left which remain. Honestly I can do nothing, but pray we are not too late, and that Marcus had been wrong in his choice of bloodlines. I know how this must look, but I urge you nephew to look towards a brighter side in all of this, with faith, we will find the one.

          The few bloodlines that do remain are those to which have been kept a secret for years, so let that be an advantage in our favor. Though Marcus has ended the bloodlines where our Legacies have dominantly been derived from, there is one bloodline; one that is of those that was a secret, which I truly believe could hold the next Legacy of our time. I have sent a few of my most trusted men already to keep watch for Marcus, but I don’t think we should delay the time before bringing them here just in case. This legacies bloodline is not one of the normal, and though I am not completely sure what to expect once she arrives, there is something about its history with our family that has intrigued me since I first heard of it.

           As I continue to write to you nephew, I can only hope you see how, and why this bloodline intrigues me so, and my reasons for believing it to be the one. Of course we shall continue as tradition says, and extend the proposal to the other remaining bloodlines as well, I only just felt the need to point out my curiosity to the one. After we gather the remaining girls, I feel we should begin their training; though we are stretched for time while we wait for news of Marcus, we cannot afford or even try to skip any step in the process. The question we only face then is our decision as to where we could go, where we could stay hidden from Marcus and the King; I doubt he will be thrilled to hear we went behind his back even knowing our purpose for doing so. I thought briefly about the old castle grounds, but I will leave that decision to you, dear nephew, since it is truly no choice for me to make.

         In conclusion to my letter, I must tell you I have sent for one of my men to retrieve your reply, and from there I will meet you wherever you’ve said. I know going behind your fathers back, the Kings back, is not something most would journey to do, or even think of, but I pray you will not lose the imparity of this situation or of Marcus while they have grown silent. We must find the Legacy; she is our only hope in surviving. I look forward to hearing from you, nephew, and I pray we will succeed. Send your loving mother and my brother, the King, my warmest regards, and tell them how dear to me they truly are. With how quickly things have changed since we last met, as much as I can wish for the best, sometimes the worst happens.

                                                                         Your Loving Uncle,

                                                                                    Phoenix Caspian.

The End

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