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Trying as hard as I could, I contained my anger until I made it to my dorm room. Once inside I stood, clenching and unclenching my fists. I searced for something that I could break, something of little importance or value.

Nothing. Even the picture of Sophie and I was still important.

Defeated, I crashed into my desk chair.

There was silence for maybe five minutes before my room mate stumbled in. He wasn't drunk, but I could definetly tell from his face that he was high, "Hello-oh man you look blue. What's you deal?"

Then my room mate, who I believed his name to be Zack, noticed the two or three pictures of Sophie and I in high school. The pictures said it all, especially since we are kissing in one of the photos, "Oh man I can tell you could use one of these," and he waved two joints in the air, "Want it?"

I gave him a funny look, unsure if he was going to rat me out. Then I noticed how tripped he was and almost chuckled from that thought. I took the joint from his hand and he put the other one in his own mouth. Zack then pulled out a lighter, lit us both up, then opened the dorm window, making a cool autumn breeze fill the room, "Now," Zack began, "Tell me all about it."

So I told him all about Sophie. All about how we met, how we dated, how much we loved each other, you name it.

The story ended with Broderick's proposal and how Sophie shockingly said no. Zack whistled, "Damn that's one story. Does she still care about you?"

I shrugged, "Doubt it. I think most girl's would prefer the football frat boy than someone like me."

Zack put out the stub of his joint in a glass bowl I guessed was his, "Now, you probably think I'm just some college pothead, but I," he tapped his temple, finger pointing to his eye, "I can read people just by looking at them."


"And, Broderick, deep down, is an asshole. You can't see it when you look at him, a Momma's boy and totaly perfection and practically an underwear model in the eyes of every girl here, but he is an asshole. And he's showed that side of himself more than once to Sophie, and she doesn't like it," he leaned over and pointed at me, "and you know what they say. No one ever gets over their first love."

We didn't move a muscle  while we had that last statement sink into our tripped heads.

Then we laughed hysterically. We laughed until I seriously thought I was going to throw up. I patted Zack on the back, slowly getting us both to calm down, "Oh thanks for the bud man," I panted to Zack, trying to catch my breath, "I'm gonna crash now if you don't mind."

I clambered into my bed, still wearing my jeans and my nice shirt.

I was actually truly happy that he let me smoke some of his pot. It left me feeling hazy and made the idea of Sophie getting married less painful, and while still high up I fell into a peaceful slumber.

*                                  *                                *

I walked into my room of the sorority house and flopped onto my bed, sighing very loudly. Seconds later, Ali burst through the door, causing me to roll my eyes and groan, "HE PROPOSED OHMYGAWD!" She shrieked and jumped onto my bed. I grumbled as Ali continued, jumping up and down, "Didja say yes?? Didjadidjadidja-"


Ali's jumping abrubtly ended, "But...why?"

I sat up, giving a shrug, "After a year of dating? I think that's a little too fast, don't you?"

Ali stared at me with blank eyes for a bit, then her motor mouth revved back up again, "No. I mean it's Broderick! Do you know how rich he is?? How hot he is? Haven't you seen his body?"

"Uh no, I haven't. And money isn't the only thing-"

"It's the only important thing," She gave me a confused look, "And you've never seen his body? But I thought..." She spent a bit to actually seriously think about the matter, then gasped, "You've never had sex with him!??!"

Luckily, my more sensible room mate (who Ali absolutly despised) walked in and Ali, eyes narrowing with distaste, stormed out without an answer from me.

"Thanks Bridget. I definetly owe you one."

"Don't mind it. I just can't stand her. She doesn't need to pry into other people's lives, especially the sexual parts of them," Bridget rolled her eyes while she plopped her books down on her desk, "So what are you going to do?"

I stood up and walked over to my own desk, sitting down and staring at a picture of Broderick and I hugging. I pulled the box from my pocket and opened it, studying the brilliant jewels, "I honestly have no idea."

Bridget walked across the room, "Nice ring though."

I scoffed, "Perhaps for an elephant. This thing is huge!"

She chuckled, "Well if you marry him, you'd have to get used to big gifts. Big house, big closet, big pool...big belly."

Shuddering, I went, "He wants children?"

"Obviously, he's got to continue the family name."

"I don't want children."

She picked up the frame with Broderick and I in it, "You want children," She set the frame down, and having removed the picture in front revealed the picture of Cooper kissing my cheek, "Just not with Broderick."

The End

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