A Sense of Moving On.Mature

It was probably a stupid idea to be going to a club in crutches, but that's where Ali told me to go so I went. Forget the face that my doctor was probably going to murder me. I was unhappy so I was going to go out to make myself happy.

When I reached the club, Hurricane, the boucher looked reproachful, "Are you lost cripple? You're definetly not old enough to be here."

I grumbled to myself once again for looking younger than I actually am, "Uhm, someone is expecting me in there-"

"I don't care if Angelina Jolie is expecting you in there. You-"

He stopped when a hand tapped him on the shoulder: Ali.

"Oh Joe relax. This cute litttle cripple is with me," she came from behind the man and gave me a smile. She was wearing clothes that she usually would never wear: a black corset paired with a shirt fluffy black tutu. The only thing that made the outfit look like her were the pink polka dots on the corset, her strappy pink heels, and the dark necklace with big, dark, pink stones.

"Well if it isn't my favorite little pixie Peresephone. This baby yours?"

Her makeup was unusual for her too: dark charcoaled circles around her eyes and bright iridescent hot pink lipstick, "clearly though he never got the memo about what we do here. C'mon," her hand, nails as shiny as her lips, grabbed my shoulder to pull me forward. Music made the walls and chandeliers shake as we entered the club, "what the hell? Chandeliers?"

Ali ignored my confusion and hissed, "I told you to dress appropriately."

"Well I am."

"Maybe for church. You clearly don't know what kind of club this is. Could you hobble on those crutches a little faster? We can't have anyone see you in that."

She led me off into a seperate room and turned trhe lights on, revealing racks and racks of clothes. But they all looked more like Halloween costumes than real clothes, "Why did the bouncer call you Peresephone?"

"It's my persona when I'm here. you'll have one too," she mindlessly answered me while she went through the racks, picking random pieces out.

"Here," she threw the pile at me, "Put these on."

It was a simple tux with a shimmering deep blue shirtvest. In fact compared to Ali's outfit it was pretty plain. The only possibly exciting thing about it was how the jacket was long and had coattails.

Ali appeared in front of me holding a brush and a container of blue, "Is that...glitter?"

"Of course," she mixed the little brush in the glitter then extended it towards my face.

"Oh no no no. I am not wearing glitter."

"Oh please everyone else wears it here Cooper. Don't be a pussy and just wear it."

Then the brush was attacking the skin around my eyes, "There, perfect...wait..." she tossed a top hat onto my head and backed up, "Now it looks perfect."

Reluctantly, I looked in the mirror, "I look like Adam Lambert."

Next thing I knew Ali was behind me with her arms around my neck and her head resting on my shoulder, "A very sexy Adam Lambert. I knew that blue would look amazing on you with those eyes," her lips were way too close to my face. Was this her plan? Make up a story about a girl to rape me in a Halloween store closet?

To be safe I cleared my throat, "So this girl you wanted me to see?"

"Yes, of course," her face seemed flushed with hints of anger, "Grab your crutches and follow me," we walked to the door only for her to grab my coat's collar and pull me close enough to her that I could see every sparkle on her face, "It's very easy to get lost in here."

With that said she opened the double doors to greet us with flashing lights and loud techno music, "By the way," she yelled, "your name's now Varekai."

This club was crazy. From the look of it at least half of the people there were high. Legal or illegal, I wasn't sure. Perhaps that was why people gave themselves pseudonyms. But at least Ali was telling the truth about even the men wearing glitter.

"This way," she called back to me and pulled me in a direction where one of the walls of the club was. Built into the wall were little booths similar to the ones in restaurants, only each one had hardly opaque gauzy curtains to close the booth if one wanted to. And from what I saw out of the corner of my eye, some clubbers really wanted their privacy.

Ali finally came to a stop in front of one of the booths where the curtains were open. Sitting in the booth was one person, a woman with blood red hair falling in curls with a white lace hat on her head and a veil masking her eyes. She was perhaps the only person wearing whte in this building, and she wore it well, the dress looking like a 19th century style gown with long lace sleeves. The only difference was the extra tight corset that made her breasts burst from the dress, "Oh Percy, you brought a cripple to the club?" she lifted head, studied me, and added, "Although he is quite the attractive cripple. What's your name cripple?"

"Co-" I was beginning to use my real name but Ali elbowed me in the side, "I mean, I'm...Varekai," I winced from how stupid I felt.

She gave me a sexy smirk, "Varekai," she leaned over the table to me, revealing more of her cleavage and allowing me to see her brilliant amber eyes through the veil, "Call me Yvanne."


"I don't like this one bit Sophie. I don't like it at all," Bridget was pacing the length of our room, something she does when she's angered, "Like how could you be so stupid? You gave up Cooper, sweet, kind, amazing Cooper, for violent, arrogant, jealous Broderick?"

I just sat on my bed and stared at my boots with their hells right against the wall, watching the snow melting. Bridget continued, "And okay, so Broderick said that he would 'do away' with Cooper, so what? You don't give him up! You go tell the fucking cops. In fact, I should've done that the first time I saw a bruise on your body," out of the corner of my eye I saw her walking towards her cell phone.

She probably didn't even see me get up with how fast I met her side, "You're not calling the cops," I tried to sound menacing but my voice came out in a whisper, "It'll destroy my life-"

"What is there left to destroy Sophie! Look at you! You're the most timid thing I've ever seen now! He took away Cooper, someone that made you happy. What happens when he takes me away, huh? What's going to happen then!? You know, I still think your parents' deaths were just a tad-"

"Shut up!" My voice regained the necessary menace, "My parents died in a car accident. Nothing more. Don't you ever suggest Broderick would do that. You don't even know him," I turned away from her and walked back to my bed, back to studying the dirty slush water.

"Do you want to know what I know about him? Well, he's controlling, a sex fiend, a drunk, an asshole and...oh yeah it only takes one of his big hands to get around your throat."

The last thing she listed made me give a small shudder.

Silence. Then:

"It it's so important to you Bridge, I'll go and at least tell the dean."

Her blue eyes melted, "Thank goodness. You'll get this all settled and be with Cooper! You know, I approve of him so much better..."

Briget was strange in this way. One minute she could be screaming 'till the cows come home about her ideals, the next she's giggling about boys.

I lifted my legs onto the bed and wrapped my arms around them, "Bridge, he probably realized I'm a lost cause and has already moved on."

"Oh please, what do you think he is? Broderick?"

Someone burst through the door, "Guess what!"

"Oh no," Bridget mumbled to herself, "what Ali? Can't you see we're busy?"

She took in the scene-me with my eyes all puffy from crying and Bridget giving her a horrible look- then continued, "So you know how you broke up with that Cameron guy?"

"You mean Cooper?" Bridget crossed her arms across her chest and rolled her eyes.

"Yes him! Well, I texted him."

A groan eminated from me.

"And he and I are going to a club! I've gotten the perfect girl for him to meet and I'm so fucking excited!"

I heard the slap of Bridget's palm hitting herself in the face, "Ali, Ali Ali."

"Yes, yes, yes?"

"You are the most god damned unintellectual I've ever met."

"Oh my God Bridget. Don't a bitch and a word whore. Clearly, I'm not an illegal."

Bridget pinched the bridge of her nise in annoyance. I, meanwhile, distracted myself from the urge to cry by staring now at the strange stain we could never get off our wall.

"Ali, there's a foot of now out there and the boy's in crutches."

"So? The roads are clear. He can drive."

"Ali, get out."

"What?! Why?"

"I said get out."

"Fine fine," she walked out, probably mumbling some foul language about Bridget.

I turned my attention away from the stain and stared at her, waiting for her to say it.

"Okay, so I was wrong. He did move on."

Despite the horrible circumstances, I smiled.


"Take a seat Varekai, seeing as that's all you can do here," she sounded so irritated by this little fact. Yvanne removed her veil and set it on the table while I managed to sit despite my cast, "So, how did you get the name Yvanne?"

She stared at me as if I turned purple, "He did you get the name Varekai?" I began opening my mouth to answer, but she raished her hand to silence me, "That was a rhetorical question. Because no one asks each other that. You clearly have never been here before," she crossed her arms across her chest, bringing my attention to it again, "You're lucky you're so damn cute."

"Uh...I am?"

Suddenly she draped herself over me, giving me a closeup of her fascinating eyes, "You certainly are," she whispered in a sultry voice while she ran her index finger along my jawbone. It was such an intimate touch for someone I had just met that I couldn't help but squirm a bit, quickly changing the mood, "Do you go to college with me? I don't think I've seen you around at all."

Yvanne gave a little scowl and released me, "You really like to talk don't you," she rubbed her temples, "I'm not suppose to tell you, but since you're so talkative I'll humor you. Yes, I do."

"But I've never seen you around. And with red hair I had to have seen you before."

She didn't explain why I hadn't seen her, but instead she looked at her phone, "Damn, look at the time. I have to go. Would you like to escort me home?"

I briefly imagined what a bizarre pair we'd look like walking down the street. Furthermore, I didn't even know this girl's real name. But all the while, I knew I wasn't going to have my mother's lessons in manners end here, "Sure."

"Wow, you can afford your own place? How old are you?"

"I'm a sophomore in college," she shrugged, "I just know where the money is."

We were standing on her front porch, "So, I guess I'll see you around...maybe...Yvanne," I began turning away to hobble down the stoop and back to the taxi.

"Wait!" Yvanne cried. I turned slowly to face her, "You're going to need help getting that glitter off. Come inside and I'll do it for you."

"You know, that would actually be fantastic."

Yvanne lead me to the bathroom in her bedroom and motioned me to take a seat on her toliet, "I'll be right back. I just need to get my makeup bag and get out of these clothes."

She shut the door behind herself. When she returned I expected her to be in some sweats. Whenever Sophie got out of dressy clothes she dove for her flannels. But Yvanne walked into the bathroom in a silk nightie instead. She set her makeup bag on the counter and grabbed some sort of sponge and bottle, "Now just hold still and this'll be off before you know it."

And she was right. whatever was in that bottle worled like a charm. Except for few rebellious pieces, I was glitter-free.

"Let me just make sure there isn't any in your eyes," she put her hands on both sides of my face and pulled me close to her while she inspected my eyes, "Did anyone ever tell you what gorgeous eyes you have?"

My mind went straight to Sophie, "Yeah. Once or twice."

Her finger was running along my jaw again and her lips soon followed it.

"Uhm...Yvanne, what are you doing?"

"Shh," she spoke on my neck, "Don't speak, just act and react," I felt her hands run down my arms and take hold of my hands, placing them on her breasts, "You wouldn't think so," she whispered sensually in my ear, "But they're real," and with that, she bit my ear playfully. The action made a shiver of pleasure run down my spine, "That's it," she whispered again, "You're reacting. Now act."

So I did. As I began kissing her, things continued. With each layer of my clothes that came off, I tried pushing my thoughts of Sophie farther and farther into the back of my mind. Stay in the now. Think in the now. Despite my cast, I carried her, her legs wrapped around my waist, to her bed.

And yet, I thought of Sophie. A voice, a malicious voice, continually told me to stop thinking of her, especially when in bed with another woman. And for once, I listened to the malicious voice.

When it was over, she laid on top of me, legs on either side of my body, tongue lazily flicking out of her mouth to taste me, "Oh cripple, for someone wearing a cast, you are fantastic in bed," Yvanne breathed.

"Hey...uhm Yvanne, I was wondering."


"Can you carry my books to each of my classes? I can't carry them because of my cast and crutches."

She said up straight, making me feel things that almost made me lose my train of thought, "Oh honey, you know I'd love to...but we know nothing of each other, okay?"

"I understand entirely."

She got off of me and turned in the bed so her back was facing me as she fell asleep.

The thought I had before I fell into slumber was how funn her answer was, given one would usually know each other best after the things we did that night. And yet, I don't even know her real name.
The End

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