The Best Mistake

As I hit the wet grass, I couldn't help but laugh thinking, this would happen to me now.  As quickly as the laughter started, it turned into hysterical crying.  My head was throbbing and I'd more than likely sprained my ankle and then there was Jared.  I'd banished the though of him from my mind for so long that thinking about him was unreal.

"Joanna?"  Karissa's concerned voice woke me out of my hysterics.  She gently probed my ankle.  "Can you walk?"

She helped me up and together we struggled to make it to the car, my arm wrapped around her shoulder, her arm holding me up. 


Startled by the male voice screaming my roommate's name, we both jumped and I almost fell, yet again.  We turned, trying to get a good look at the guy who had gotten our attention, but as we turned, the lamp post above us flickered out.

"Here we go again," I muttered under my break.

The End

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