Bruises and Unlikely Visitors

Suddenly I heard a familiar voice come from the shadowy figure, "JOANNA!!! What are you doing?! Stop hitting me!!" The figure I had been attacking was my one and only roommate.

"Oh my God! I'm so sorry!!!" I cried out, I knew Karissa's temper and the fact I had hit her with a lacrosse stick as hard as I could to the stomach would make for an uneasy sleep tonight.

"What is up with the lights, and why the hell are you hitting me. Have you gone insane??? What made you think that was a good idea!?"

"You don't understand!" I whined, "I've been having the weirdest night ever! I just saw Jared, and some creepy person was in the hall way headed towards the door, so I ran in and locked it and I dont even know whats going on anymore I just cant take th...."

"Jo! Shut up...pull yourself together your rambling...Jared we can talk about soon, and the story better be good. Right now I'm kinda focused on the fact theres some creeper in the hallway cutting off the electricity," Karissa turned around and locked the door, the proceeded to lock the door to the bathroom. She went and checked under our beds and then brandished herself with a weapon of choice. Her kitchen scissors.

The End

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