A knock on the door, a shadowy figure, an honest mistake.

As the footsteps slowly echoed down the hallway, getting closer and closer until they were practically on top of me, I focused on being as quiet as possible and not panicking.  Trying to pull my thoughts together, multiple escapes flitted through my mind. The window?  No I'm four stories up.  The bathroom? Definitely not a good idea.  Except I could get out through Paige and Courtney's room.  Finally deciding to sneak out through my suitemate's room, I grabbed my keys and checked to make sure I had my cell phone, I quietly felt my way to the adjoining bathroom.  Once inside, I realized that the footsteps had stopped outside.  I reached for the doorknob, but it wouldn't turn.  It was locked!  

Unsure what was going on in the now darkened hallway, I quickly hopped back into my room in search for a weapon.  The lacrosse stick in the closet! I grabbed it, forgetting the lacrosse balls, which bounced and thudded across the floor.  The sound echoed in my ears.  I'd given my position away. 

I glanced up at the door and with the dim light from the window coming in, I could see the doorknob slowly turn.  The door opened slowly and a shadowy figure entered the room.  I stiffled back a scream and with a few slashes, I managed to attack the figure before they could attack me.  Or so I thought.

The End

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