Hubba Hubba

I clenched my jaw to try and stop myself from screaming, shear terror was taking hold of my entire body. I peeked one eye open and could barely make out the dark silhouette of a man. I quickly shut my eye as the man got up and out of the car. As soon as the car door slammed I could hear the crunching of the gravel grow nearer. With an even greater sense of fear I began to feel around my surroundings, eyes still shut. My hand enclosed over something long and wet. An umbrella! As soon as I gripped the umbrella the car door swung open and I lurched forward swinging the umbrella with all of my might. I hit my attacker square in the head sending him stumbling backwards. I quickly got out of the car ready to take off running. I looked back just once and realized who my attacker was, when my heart stopped on the spot...Jared. I ran over to where he was lying and knelt down next to him. Oh my God have I killed him? I gently shook his muscular body until his piercing green eyes were enveloped in my own. He was back.  

The End

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