What Came Out of the Darkness

I awoke in the back of a car. My head proped up by a sweatshirt. Suddenly all my senses were coming back to me, but I dared not open my eyes. I've seen all those horror movies the longer you play knocked out, the more you learn. All i could hear was the sound of the car engine. All I could feel was the gentle curving of the road. And all I could smell was....wait I knew that smell...it smelled of man. That musky sent that I love so much was enveloping me. At first I felt comforted and then the panic set in.  I've been kidnapped by a man....what are you supposed to yell while your getting raped??? Wasn't it Fire?? Oh hell I'm in trouble.

Then I heard the engine cut off....what am I in for? 

The End

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