College Nightmares

After walking back to her college dorm one night, Joanna had one of the biggest adventures in her life. Here's where we find out what really happened that night.

It was late one Thursday night when I was walking back to my dorm room from class.  It was already dark when I got out of class.  I was excited about the night.  My suitemates and I were all going out.  Hurridly, I quickened my pace so they wouldn't be waiting on me to get ready, even though I'm always the one waiting on them. 

The words of All Time Low accompanied me on my walk, my iPod drowning out all the sounds around me.  Not paying attention to where I was walking, I stepped off the sidewalk and right into a puddle.  "Curse the rain," I muttered under my breath.  It was a good thing I'd worn my yellow rain boots. 

The End

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