Braving the Day

   She looked at the time. It was already four in the morning, and she had class in five hours. Plus, Alex had class too. She didn't want to wake him, especially wiht her blubbering like a baby.

   Eva undressed and climbed into her bed, resting under the sheets for a while, staring at her phone. He wouldn't mind, she was sure. He had called her seven times already. Plus, she wanted to hear his voice.

   He was on her speed dial- number 3. She hit the button and let the phone ring into her ears. After only a few rings, his tired voice whispered softly into her ear, making her smile. She loved him so much.

   "Hello?" he asked.

   "Why do you always say that like you don't know who is on the other line?" she replied softly, sleep already upon her. It comforted her that they were talking. Oh, she missed him so much

   "Habit," he said. Eva thought it was cute, that he was so tired that he would say as few words as possible to get his point across, using grunts and moans even. "Where were you? I tried to call you but you didn't answer."

  Her heart skipped a beat. What would he do if he caught her cheating? Their realationship wasn't worth risking for somthing so stupid. She decided that she wouldn't tell him. It was a stupid little accident that would never happen again, that shouldn't have happened in the first place. No use in causing a big fuss over it. Instead, she lied.

  "I was hanging out with Caleb and Tim. You know how we are." she bit the inside of her lip. Alex knew of her two best friends, and that they were both guys. He trusted her and them with eachother, and that was what hurt more.

   "But you have a test in a few hours, baby," he whined, sounding so cute.

  "I know, and I'll be good for it, I studied." she assured him, and it was the truth. She spent most of the afternoon studying for taht stupid history test . It was easy enough, but dull as could be.

   "Well, I'll let you get ot sleep then. I was just wanting to make sure that you were ok. I love you." his voice was hardly audible.

   "I love you too. I will talk to you tommorrow, Baby." she whispered, hanging up.

  Plugging the phone into its charger, Eva smiled to herself, happy that she had goten away with it, and hoping that for the years to come, that she would survive her and Alex's relationship without him ever knowing about that fateful night.  

The End

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