It was warm, admittedly, and she loved that. She hadn't layed in a bed with someone in what felt like ages. Closing her eyes, she imagined that Alex was the one behind her, his hands wrapped in hers, resting on her heart.

  It felt almost true, until Caleb started breathing deeply, falling fast asleep. It wasn't the same as Alex. Alex never breathed that hard while sleeping. If anything, he was cute when he slept. Caleb was different. His chest was hairy, his face pocketed from a few acne scars, and he was greasy feeling.

   It was amazing the flaws that you start to see on people when you have sex. Before, Eva would have sworn that she was falling in love with Caleb, but she would admit that she loved Alex more, that Caleb was more of a temporary place holder.

   Waiting silently until she was sure that Caleb was completely asleep, she slid out from under the comforter and into her clothes. Eva creeped to the door and left, quietly closing it behind her.

   Walking donw the hall in tired strides, she felt like crying. But why? All she had wanted for the past week of depression and stress was for someone to show her a bit of affection. then she turned to the tequila bottle, then to Caleb. She didn't mean to make out with him, but it felt so good, so relieving. She didn't mean to have sex, but the idea was amazing.

   Until they actually did it.

  Of course, when 'he got his', he stopped and left her to dry. Maybe that's why she felt so bad. She cheated on her boyfriend, the one that had agreed to marry her fater college, for what? For nothing, an empty promise.

   Evas vision became blurry and her head hurt, probably from the massive amounts of liquor that she still hadn't learned to handle quite correctly yet. Quickly, she made her way to her dorm room, unlocked it with shivering hands, and fell into her room, slamming the door behind her.

    On her bed, her cellphone light blinked red. She picked it up and flipped it open. She had seven missed calls from none other than Alex.

   The tears rolled down her cheeks, fat and salty.

The End

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