College Daze

   Eva was never a girl that would be considered shy. Polite was more the word, having grown up in southern rural Arkansas. She wasn't very domesticated either in the sense that she should be a stay at home wife that cooks the meals and cares for the kids.

   No, this didn't suit Eva at all. She had a passion and a goal in life. She was an artist. She loved to document the world using her pencil and ink. She had just entered college, much to her paretns disapproval, to get a degree in the digital arts. Of course, all she could afford right now was a two year community college, but she had hopes to raise enough money and get the grades that would send her to a four year university that actually offered the program that she needed.

   It seemed that the only person that approved of her decision was her boyfriend, Alex.  She had met Alex the summer of her Junior-Senior year in high school at the nursing home where her mother worked.

   Eva was a voulenteer that summer, taking care of the elderly and reading to them, feeidng them everyonce in a while. What else was she going to do? Stay home and cook? Besides, it would look good on her transcript.

  Alex just so happened to be visiting his grandfather at that same nursing home. they caught eachothers eye, being the only teenagers in the whole joint, and their relatoinship bloomed from there.

   Only Alex left for France the next day. Eva found out that that was where he lived and had been living for the past two years. He assured her that he and his family were going to be moving back to the States in the next year or so, but this was not somthing that she liked. True, it was cool to be able to brag about having a boyfriend who lived in France, but not having someone there to show affectoin relaly sucked.

   But the mental understanding and love that Alex and Eva shared was worth more than giving up for a night of passion.

  But if that was true, then why was she laying naked wiht her best guy-friend inhis dorm room?

The End

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