new story, a short of love triangle type thing between two people who were once dating, only for another man to get in the way.

I never thought I'd be so excited to go to college. But I was going to Syracuse, and
you know who else was in Syracuse? Sophie. we actually decided to split up for the one year while she was in college and I was in high school, but I never actually found someone. Did she? I highly doubted it.

I strutted onto campus excited to see Sophie after a year, and I didn't have to go far to find her. She was standing right beside a tree that was too far in front of me, but there was something off. She was kissing someone. Someone other than me. She broke away from the guy and turned and her eyes lit up as soon as she saw me, "Coop!" Sophie rushed towards me and threw her arms around me....almost like old times, "Oh my god I've missed you soooo much!" She broke the hug and began babbling, asking me all sorts of questions until the guy she was kissing cleared his throat, "Oh I'm sorry honey. Coop, this is Broderick. Broderick, this is Cooper."

As I shook the man's hand I gave a once-over look at Broderick and immediately knew I was going to hate the man. He was the absolute opposite of me. He was probably 5 inches taller than me, meaning he easily towered over Sophie's tiny frame. Broderick had short curly red hair and wore a shirt bearing three letters, letters for a fraternity was my guess. Sophie with a frat boy? He also gave me a cocky smile, the smile most football players gave me in high school.

All in all, he was the total opposite of me, and the total opposite of what I've known Sophie to like, "Honey, I'm going to go head off to class," Broderick let go of my hand and put it and his arm around Sophie, "I know you don't have any classes and I'm sure you want to...catch up with your friend here," His brown eyes flitted to me for a split second.

"Well of course I do. I want to hear about all the women he got at home," Sophie couldn't help but chuckle and elbow me in the chest, "Come on, we'll go sit on that bench over there. See you later honey," She leaned into Broderick's muscular chest and gave him a kiss good-bye before taking hold of my wrist and leading me over to the bench she pointed out before.

When I turned back to where we were standing Broderick was already gone.

"So Coop, how was it back at home?"

I remained silent, not wanting to answer her. She pressed me, "Meet any cute girls?"

I looked up at her for a bit of time before almost whispering, "No."

"No? Why not?"

"i didn't think you were going to meet any guys? Was I that easy to forget?" The ending of my statement had more venom in it than I intended, and Sophie's face immediately showed her sadness, "You were not easy to forget," She whispered, "I just did what we had planned to do. You know? Date other people while you and I were in college."

"Well I just didn't know you would find someone. A fucking frat boy too to top it off! You don't like that. You never did."

She glared at me, "You don't know a damn thing about Broderick. He's a perfectly fine, handsome-"

"Do you love him?" I interuppted her.


I shrugged, "Do you love him?"

Sophie stared at me with her emerald green eyes, studying my expression, trying to figure out whether or not I was seriously asking her that question. But her eyes quickly filled with anger and she shot up from the bench, "How dare you ask me that question. You have no business whether or not I love him," Sophie picked up her messenger bag and began storming off.

I stood up from the bench and yelled her name, making her stop, "Maybe the fact that we've been best friends for at least six years made me thing I had that business."

She stood, contemplating what I had told her, before turning around and walking away.

The End

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