What Follows If I Were Lewis Carroll

yet Alice, being now very sleepy and sweaty, merely watched him as he darted past. Her head now turned to face the river, ambling along contentedly by the bank - dreamy and rythmic it tumbled...

   It was entirely Dinah that percieved the white rabbit was, peculiarly, standing on two legs and wearing a waistcoat. And while confusing though it was to see such a mixture of human and rabbit traits, to a cat, it made no difference. Still with her natural feline superiority, Dinah decided that nothing would prevent her from catching it anyway. And so she pounced, screeching as she did so.

   This in turn caught the attention of several beings. The white rabbit squealed suddenly and darted off, only immediately afterwards realising that he had dropped his pocket -atch in the fear of the moment. Alice also turned her head to see her cat disappearing into a tall flowerbad. Edith, Alice's sister,  likewise looked up from her book, and saw the same as Alice. She rose first and strode up the bank.

   "Mama told you not to bring Dinah Alice. You know you ought not have" she declared strictly. Alice, awaking from sleep disregarded this fleeting comment.

   There was a flurry in the flowerbed. Petals were thrown about, marigolds torn up until, at the other end, a little white man flew out of the flowers and was pursued hotly by Dinah. Both Alice and Edith ran - Alice out of a parental grumpiness for Dinah and Edith feeling likewise about Alice.

   However, it was not long before both rabbit and cat disappeared entirely into a hole in the ground. Edith and Alice stopped together, panting.

   "Oh silly Dinah! Do come back out!" Alice called.

   Edith glanced at her sister judgingly. "Mama told you not to bring her"

   "Oh do be quiet Edith!" Alice placed her hand roughly on her sister's shoulder. "Dinah is ever so stubborn with her chases. She'll find the rabbit, kill it and bring it straight back"

   "So, either we are about to have a cat and a dead rabbit to deal with, or we've lost the cat altogether. I can't tell which is worse"

   Alice bent down, looking into the rabbit-hole. "She's bound to be in there somewhere"

   Edith glared. "She'd better be Alice, you know how mama loves that cat"

   "Not as much as I"

   Edith snorted. "If you loved Dinah so much, you wouldn't let her get into such trouble. She is your resobonsibility, Alice"

   Alice gazed desperately into the dark tunnel, her face hot for a few silent minutes. Eventually, she simply crawled through, dirtying her hands and blouse perhaps to more harsh words from her mother, but she was in a state of sticky persistence, and she loved Dinah dearly.

   "Alice!" Edith called. "Alice, come back!"

   A moment or two passed, but still the silent response of Alice shuffling through the dirt of the rabbit-hole was all that could be heard.

   "This is by far one of the silliest things you have ever done" Edith commented, bending down, and carefully placing her hands in the dirt.

Meanwhile, Alice's father - a tall man with a nose like an arrow, and eyes like a lobster's, was gazing curiously into the upstairs looking-glass...

The End

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