Vegeta vs Sasuke part 2Mature

{It begins with Sasuke and Vegeta in their fighting stances}
Sasuke: ...
Vegeta: ...
Sasuke: Heh. "rushes up towads him aiming his right fist to Vegeta's left jaw as he let out a slight yell"

As Vegeta tries to block Sasuke's attack Sasuke used his substitution jutsu to appear behind him to elbow strike him on his upper back but Vegeta dodged and kneed him in his stomach causing Sasuke to cough a little then Vegeta slammed him in the ground with both of his hands together.

Sasuke: Fire style! Pheonix flower jutsu!

Sasuke's Jutsu shot out through the ground where Vegeta was nearly standing causing Vegeta to step back giving Sasuke an advantage to get up without dealing any damage as he tried to. Sasuke then used the same jutsu towards Vegeta but Vegeta barely dodged it leaving a slight burn on his skin. Sasuke then appeared above Vegeta using his Shirruken(forgot how to spell it) throwing it on his head causing a little blood to squirt out from Vegeta's head then he lands at a distance from him charging up his Chidori.

Vegeta: Why you little! "turns super saiyan"

Sasuke: (Thats strange. His hair turned blonde)

Vegeta: Hmph! "reaches his hand out" Big bang attack.

As Vegeta charged his big bang attack Sasuke rushed up toward him leaving a giant trail of lightning. Vegeta then unleashed his ki blast as Sasuke got close to him causing a mega sized giant explosion to occur.


Miku: Did you hear that?
Death the kid: Yea. I heard it too... It sounded like Vegeta.
Miku: You know what his blasts sound like?
Sonic: Who's fighting up there?
Goku: I dunno. Vegeta and someone else.
Luffy: Lets go check it out!
Goku: Sure... You coming Erza and Naruto?
Naruto: Yea why not?
Erza: I might as well.

They all grab onto Goku then Goku used his instant transmission to vanish

Vegeta and Sasuke are both standing out of armreach/strong
Vegeta: For a person that's not a saiyan your not half bad.
Sasuke: Neither are you.
Vegeta: But don't expect for you to win. "turns super saiyan 3"
Sasuke: Heh. I guess i should give it my all... "turns to his final state" strong[You know... the one tranformation he used while fighting Naruto in his foxed form before leaving to Orochimaru... I just forgot what the name of it was]
Vegeta: Hm?
Sasuke: Well... This should be fun.

The End

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