Vegeta vs SasukeMature

Erza got her butt kicked by super saiyan God Goku... there... thats it... She like him morr because she realized that he is extremely strong... She didn't care about how air-headed he was...

{It begins with Goku in front of Erza as she's down on the ground}
Goku: Hey. You ok? "helps her up" You were pretty awesome! "grins"
Erza: How can someone be so strong?
Goku: Training... With us saiyans the more fights we have the stronger we get.
Erza: Thats some skill you guys have. "grins"

Birus: "at another area" Looks like SOMEONE owes me some pudding.
Bickslow: "sighs angrily" Whatever. "walks off"
Goku: Here. "gives her a senzu bean" Take this and eat it.
Erza: "takes it and eats it then her eyes widen" Wh-What the?! I feel... like nothing happened to me.
Goku: Its a senzu bean. Once you eat it your body restores to 100% even if your injured.
Vegeta: "standing on a cliff watching Erza and Goku with his arms crossed"...
Sasuke: "walks forward"
Vegeta: "opens his eyes looking at him without budging his head" Who are you?
Sasuke: Ive heard alot about your fighting experiences.
Vegeta:(Dammit Kakorat) So.
Sasuke: I havnt fought someone in a while. I wanna test my skills.
Vegeta: Apparently you don't know who your up against.
Susuke: Neither do you... Im Susuke Uchiha.
Sasuke: heh. "walks next to him" Tell me, Vegeta, Have you ever wanted to fight someone since you got here?
Vegeta: I don't care if I do or don't.
Sasuke: Well... lets see if your legends are true Prince of saiyans.
Vegeta: (How much did Kakorat tell this fool?!) ... Fine... But I wont show any mercy...
Susuke: Exactly what I like to hear. "gets in his fighting stance"

Vegeta: ... Hmph. "gets in his fighting stance"


The End

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