Three hours after the openingMature

This is three hours after the opening occurred

{it begins with everyone having a good time}

Cana: I cant believe you got them all situated.

Miku: Wow, its a lot of people here.

Mira: "smiles" Im just glad that everyone is having a good time and enjoying themselves.

Sakura: And that everything is peaceful now.

Asuna: "points forward from where she's looking" Almost peaceful.

{Mira, Miku, Sakura, and Cana all looks over and sees Goku in his super saiyan form, Sonic in his super sonic form, Naruto in his one tailed fox form, Luffy in his second gear mode, and Ichigo in his bonkai mode as a giant crowd of people form around them with Erza in the front gazing at Goku}

Goku: I never thought id be able to see Naruto and Luffy again.

Luffy: "smiles largley" Same here!

Naruto: "smiles" Heh, this is awesome!

Sonic: This day just keeps getting better and better.

Ichigo: You got that right.


[They all start yelling out to the sky as their power raises insanely]


[Vegeta standing on top of a mountain with his arms crossed with Trunks sitting next to him]


Kakashi Sensei: "appears along with Guy and Freed" It looks like someone already took our favorite spot.

Vegeta: What do you want(he said not moving a muscle)

Kakashi Sensei: Oh nothing. "walks next to Vegeta with with a book in his hand" Just came to relax. "starts reading his book"

Vegeta: Hmph. Just dont get in my way.

Kakashi Sensei: Dont worry, i wont.

Freed: Wonder what his problem is.

Guy: He reminds me of a certain someone.

Freed: Whisc is?

Guy: Heh! Susuke Uchiha! One of the strongholds of the Uchiha Clan! He came a long way! Him and Naruto are always on it!

Freed: Well, dont we all have those moments in life?

Guy: Exactly!

Trunks: Hey dad? Im gonna see what Goku is up to. "gets up and dragon dashes off"

Kakashi Sensei: Thats a pretty fine boy you have. Whats his name?

Vegeta: Trunks... and i raise him well...

Kakashi Sensei: I see... Are you coming along? Im going with Trunks.

Vegeta: Im fine where I am now. I have no concern on what he's doing.

Kakashi Sensei: Alright, see for yourself. "vanishes leaving a trail of smoke and leaves"

{Meanwhile in the guild with the crowd rooting as Goku and Naruto are arm wresling. Some rooting for Goku, others for Naruto}

Naruto: "moves Goku's hand down"

Goku: Oh no you dont! "moves his hand back up bringing Naruto's hand down"

Naruto: "struggling" I WONT LOSE! "raises his chakra and brings Goku's hand down almost touching the table"

Goku: Bring it on! "turns super saiyan 5 and brings his arm back to the middle as their both sweating and grinding their teeth"

Bickslow: My God, its just arm wrestling. "looks at Erza looking at Goku"

Erza: The one named Goku... Where is he from and how powerful is he?

Tomaki: "looking at Erza from a distance"... Hey Ikarus? Can you let me know when their done? Erza wants to know something.

Ikarus: Yes master.

Tomaki: In the meantime im going for a walk. Its too crowded. "walks off"

Luke Fon Fabre: There are alot of strong people here.

Asch: Yes i know.

Jude Mathis: How many swordsman are out there?

Milla: Alot.

{Meanwhile above}

Bickslow: "holding a giant bucket of melted butter along with Riley" OK-OK, ready?

Riley: "chuckles" Yea.

Huey: "appears behind the two' What are you doing?

Riley: "turns around and puts his index finger on his lips" SHHHH... Gone somewhere before you get us caught.

Huey: Well heres this. "throws him a device" Some guy named Trunks made this for us seperately. Me and Grandad are going back home. I think you should to.

Riley: Hell naw. This is the best day of my life. I aint never going back home.

Huey: Alright, see for yourself. Peace. "vanishes using the device"

Riley: Whatever. You ready?

Bickslow: OK, one, two three. "they both pour the bucket of butter on Goku and Naruto as they were arm wrestling"

Naruto: AH, WHAT!?

Goku: It was just getting good too. "takes his shirt off causing most of the girls to fangirl over it"

Erza: "blushes slightly"

Naruto: Hmph! Show off.

Goku: What game should we play next?

Ikarus: "pokes him" Hey Goku?

Goku: Hm? "turns around"

Ikarus: My master wants to speak to you. "points to Tomaki and Erza"

Goku: Uh, ok. "they boyh walk to Erza and Tomaki"

Yugi: "appears from the crowd holding up some Yu-Gi-Oh card" Anyone up for some Yuy-Gi-Oh?


Goku: So you wnat me to demonstrate my power?

Birus: "at another area eating pudding" I wouldnt do that if i were you! Hes stronger than you could ever imagine! Our Parody is overpowered! "eats more pudding"

Erza: So your saying that im weak compared to him?

Birus: "walks over there eating pudding" Thats exactley what im saying. "stuffs more pudding in his mouth" You cant last long fighting him at his full power.

Erza: We'l just have to see about that. "smirks"

Birus: Alright. Dont say i didnt warn you.


The End

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