Chapter 11 - Within This HellMature

Katherine slowly opened her eyes, and looked around. She seemed to be surrounded by wreckage; collapsed and dented metal, and broken glass. Glancing over towards the other side of the wreckage, she saw that Trevor was also conscious.

"What's going on?" she asked, all the earlier hostile confidence gone out of her voice. Trevor just shrugged.

"Let's get out of here, and try to figure out what the hell is going on." She suggested, and they searched for a safe way to get out of the wreck of twisted metal. Eventually, they found a way out.

"It must have crashed or something." Katherine said, as they just stared at the wreck of the vehicle.

"Really? Well noticed." Trevor replied, and Katherine just glared at him for a few seconds, before deciding to let it go. Without any kind of warning or suggestion, she walked off in the other direction. She heard him following her, and though she would rather have died than admit it, she was quite happy about this. They were in a very strange situation. The bus had crashed, but the body of the driver was nowhere to be seen. There was no other vehicle around to have caused the crash. Neither of them were injured, even though the bus was twisted beyond all recognition.

"There's a building over there, should we check it out?" Katherine asked. There was a large building in the distance, that looked like some kind of hospital.

"Okay." Trevor agreed, though he did not sound sure. Katherine wasn't sure either. Horrible things had been happening to her recently, things that she had never thought were possible.

They reached the building, and slowly pushed the heavy front doors open. The metal screeched against the floor, a piercing, rusty, jagged sort of noise, and walked into what looked like some sort of long-abandoned waiting room, paved with dirty and cracked white tiles, now faded to an ugly, discoloured grey.

"This place, it looks like no one has been here in years." Katherine remarked, running a finger down along one of the walls, just to see how much dust had accumulated there. Suddenly, from somewhere else in the building there was a long, tortured-sounding moan, someone sounding as if they had been burnt alive, or something like that.

A door at the other side of the waiting room swung open, and the most hideous-looking, deformed creature that Katherine had ever seen  limped in, moving slowly.

The creature looked as if two humans had been fused together by burning flesh. It had skin that had once been human, but was now so burnt that it was thick with aggressive scars and deformities. Two heads, thin strands of singed hair over a melted scalp, that did not even look human anymore, but as if somebody had tried to melt a plastic doll, and its face had collapsed in.

Slowly, and sounding as if it was being tortured with every step, the creature moved towards them.


The End

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