Chapter 10 - Strangers in the MoonlightMature

Trevor slowly comes to. Groggily, rubbing his eyes with a long, wide yawn as he looks around, taking in the scene.
He is sitting up on a large, roof covered bus bench, where he was apparently sleeping.
It is a dark and cool evening out with random gusts of wind now and again.

He looks back and forth quickly, "Uhmmm, Wow..."
He sits up slowly, slightly twisting and stretching his neck, letting out a relaxing sigh.

Blazing headlights quickly light up the surrounding night and a roaring car engine breaks the somber peace, brought forth by a wildly speeding taxi cab, rushing noisily around a nearby street corner.

The taxi comes to a screeching halt practically right in front of Trevor. The passenger door falls open and an injured young woman in an old, cracked, leather jacket comes tumbling out. The taxi driver doesn't appear to have an actual face, but many, alternating faces. Trevor leans forward squinting, trying to get a better look at him but then realizes that the poor lighting from the street lamps don't really help much. As soon as the woman is out, the taxi peels out violently, speeding off into the darkness.

The young woman slowly picks herself up off of the gritty pavement, dusting herself off while tending to her head wound with the other hand.
"Owww..." She exhales, as she rubs the small of her back...

She quickly turns towards the bus stop nearby, realizing Trevor is sitting there and has just witnessed the entire scene.
He is sitting up, head tilted down, peering at the young woman over his spectacles with a raised brow and a slacked jaw.
He raises a hand to cover his mouth, then pointing a finger in the direction the taxi sped off in.
(Trevor) "Uhhhhhhh..."

"DON'T... Just, don't..."
(as she wipes some dripping blood from her gashed eyebrow)

"MM... Okie dokie... ... Uhm, do you need some help...?"

(Woman) (looks sarcastically to the side and back at him)                                                             "Uhm, you could say that, yeah. I mean, I'm only bleeding like a stuffed pig over here..."(head tilted with a sarcastic, overly exaggerated grin)

She takes two, wobbly steps towards the bus bench, then stops and glares at Trevor, her lips slightly ajar.

"Two things... Don't touch me, and don't fucking touch me... Think you can handle that?"

Trevor lets out a scoff and a smirk.
(Trevor) "I think I can handle that."

The woman continues her stumbling to the bus bench, sits down opposite of Trevor, leans back, slumping down a bit and lets out a loud, exaggerated exhale.

"You always spend the night at strange bus stops? You some kind of uppity, well dressed bum or somethin'..?"

Trevor lets out a scoff.
"Nice one... Uhm, No... I don't know. I mean, I can't remember...exactly... UGH! It's hard to explain..."

"TRY me... Anyway, meanwhile, back at the ranch... You don't seem like a COMPLETE asshole. Can you tie this hanky around this gaping gash on my face? It's fucking annoying the shit outta me."

"Gee, thanks... Sure, I can do that. Try not to bleed on me..?" (sarcastically)

He folds up the handkerchief, slowly and carefully wrapping it around her head.
He holds his breath, trying hard not to touch her, then finishes tying it up at her temple and lets out an exhale in relief.

(under his breath)
"I think I've seen you before..."



(lets out a long exhale) "What a fuckin' night..."

"Something tells me it's not over yet..."

"Man, don't talk like that. I've had enough bullshit as it is already."

A few, awkward and silent moments pass. Then a loud ruckus of a city bus arrives and comes to a squeaky, squealing halt right before them.

"All aboard..?"

"Suuuure, why not? Beats the shit outta spending the night on a bus bench. I don't even know where exactly the fuck I am."

(Trevor)                                                                                                                                               "That would make two of us."  

They both board the shining, steel beast of a bus.
Katherine boards first, then Trevor. Each dropping some change into the coin slot as they make their way to find a seat.
This is easy, as no one else is aboard the bus.
Just the two of them and the sleepy, groggy looking bus driver.

Katherine takes a seat to herself towards the middle of the bus, leaning her head up against the window as she gazes out into the darkness.

Trevor takes a seat to himself a couple of seats closer to the front and on the opposite side, away from the window.
He leans his head back on the metal rail and let's out an exhale.

"Name's 'Katherine' by the way..."

"'Trevor'... So, where you headed?"

"Looks like a hospital. You..?"

"Not a clue. Hospital sounds about right as well. I should get my head checked. Just, padded cells aren't really my thing these days, y'know..?"

"Unfortunately, yes. I DO know what you mean. My problem is trying to figure out how to escape from mine. Wanna trade? (sits up, leans in closer) Wait, hey... How fucking crazy are you..? Like on a 1 to 5 scale..?" (grinning enthusiastically)

(tosses his head back lazily to face her with raised brows)
"It was actually a 'joke'?, but uhm, uhhh, I guess like a... 4?, and a... Wait, like TODAY or...?"

"Ha! Wow, not an asshole AND funny. The fuck are you doing homele-"

The bus makes an insanely sharp turn, throwing them both off balance in their seats.

The two hold on tight to the metal railings. 
The bus crashes into what feels like a building...

The End

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