Chapter Nine - The Monster AttacksMature

Katherine waited in the gloom and the dust under the bed that she had once slept in, and indeed been raped in, stiff with fear. The broken shard of the perfume bottle was clenched in her fist, a large jagged, piece of pale pink glass cutting into the palm of her pale, thin hand. She heard great thundering footsteps, and a banging noise as the monster tried to break down the door. Eventually, her makeshift barricade toppled the floor with a loud crash. Katherine swallowed her fear, and crept out from underneath the bed. For once she was grateful for her small size, it made her faster.

Her stepfather stood in the doorway, holding the knife that had haunted Katherine's nightmares.

"You get even one step closer and I'll fucking bury this piece of glass three inches deep in your neck." She snarled. He just gave a low, dangerous laugh.

They circled each other like dogs, waiting for the other to try and strike. He slashed her with the knife. His aim was bad, but he had still managed to slice a glistening crimson scar across her left cheek. He struck again, just barely managing to get her across the knuckles, as she put her hands up to defend herself. Katherine stuck the piece of glass into his chest as she leapt towards him. She had missed his neck. He pulled it out and tossed it aside, throwing away his knife as well by accident. Katherine ran for it and grabbed it, noting the look of dismay in his eyes with pleasure. He punched her in the mouth, splitting her lip. Katherine landed the knife into his chest, sticking the entire length of the blade into him, watching the blood pump out until the beige carpet was crimson with blood.

The she laughed, as he died beside her.


The End

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