Chapter 8 - While I lay dying...Mature

I am sitting on a sofa in a dark room, on a dirty couch, in a dark, musty apartment room that was once familiar to me (my dealer's apartment right?), but now it is not.

This place seems out of time and out of space.
(A little somewhere out of place...?)
Nothing works right anymore.
The clocks have all stopped.
The water bareley runs.
(I'm so thirsty.)
Everything is covered in dust and soot.
It's so hard to breathe here.
What's going on?

How did I get here?

Where is everyone?!?

Why do I constantly find me talking to myself?

I see dead bodies.
I see them everywhere.
I see them all the time, now I don't even care.

(Reminds me of a poem I heard when I was kid...)

Why is it so dark outside?
The windows are rusted shut.
I am always so hungry here, but there is never any food.
It's all rotten or dried up to nothing. Yuck.
(I'm starving to death. When is the last time I ate..?)

Where the fuck am I?

I have to get out of this place.

When I bang on the wall, can anyone hear me?
I've been here before, in my waking nightmares.
I am starting to figure this out.
Slowy, I am going to figure this all out.
I know it.
I have to.
I will, even if it kills me I will.
I don't care.
Nothing else matters.

There's only one answer.
I have to get OUT of this FUCKING PLACE.

I have to get out.
I have to get out.
I have to get OUT!

(ending self-reflection)


Trevor Nielson slowly stands up from the dirty old couch and dusts himself off.
He adjusts his small, rounded spectacles and heads for the apartment door.

"Right...I'm getting the fuck out of here. Watch me..." he states confidently under his breath.

He grabs the door knob, which is worn by time, oily hands and thick with soot.
Turns it a bit, it lets out a squeek, he stops and tries it again, turning it even slower.

Finally the knob is fully rotated and he pulls the door open slowly while maintaining his tight grip on the door knob.
The door opens to a hallway, even darker than the apartment.

A few moments pass and his eyes adjust to the darkness, allowing him to see further down the hall.
There's a flight of stairs at the end.
He slowly releases the door knob, allowing it to silently and slowly return to it's original position, leaves the door ajar and begins to calmly walk towards the stairs.

Two steps, four, six...

An ear splitting scream is heard from the floor below.                                                                   (Is this what the other scream would've sounded like if not muffled through the walls? (or through some other kind of distortion...))                                                                                     He quickens his step towards the stairs.

Interested far more in exiting the building than finding out what just happened.

He closes the distance.
Closer, closer, closer...

The door of the apartment he just left slams shut with the loudest slam he's ever heard.


Startled with a slight jump as he continues his quick-walk while briefly making eye contact with the door behind him, he finds his gaze panicky, shared back and forth between the stairs and the door.
The stairs and the door, the stairs and the...door...there is no door.
The apartment door is gone.

In it's place is a faintly, wallpapered mark of something that was once there, perhaps decades ago...

After what feels like forever, he reaches the stairwell.
With a hand firmly planted on the wooden rail, he descends in a rush.

A flight down, the 3rd floor.
Another flight down, the 2nd.

(Gettin' the fuck outta here...)


A sharp, deep burning pain fills his stomach, accompamied by a flowing warmth.
"Ah! What the FU-!!!"

A short, wide-eyed girl with short, black bangs and pale, soft skin is slowly stumbling back, covering her gaping mouth with one hand, and with the other, a half bloody, kitchen knife.
"Oh my GOD!! Oh SHIT!! I'm so SORRY!! I didn't think you were..!"

"Ah!!!" "ALIVE...?!? Trevor exclaims sharply, gripping his stomach as he continues his now impeded journey to the first floor lobby doors and escape.

"Wait! It's coming! Take me WITH you!! Please take me with you! I am SO, SO, SO sorry mister. I didn't mean...I'm so sorry. My name is Jenny. I can't find the do-..."

She exclaims in a panicked rush but is cut off by a loud, quickly, loud stomping and a disgusting, wheezing monstrosity leaning over the rail, 2 floor above them, leering down at them through undiscernible eyes on a mangled, undiscernible face, on it's disgusting, dripping "head".

"Ah!! Fuck...Fine, let's go...Ah!!" exclaims Trevor in a rushed, painful and panicked determination.
"The front door's right th-..!"

"SEE?! That's what I was trying to tell you. The door is gone! How do we get out!? How do we get out!?" Exclaims Jenny.

Trevor, gritting his teeth, clutching his stomach, glancing quickly in one direction and then another and another, trying to think of an escape while this lumbering, slimy creature makes it's way down the stairs to get them.

"Try the window!" says Trevor to Jenny.

(Jenny) "I tried them, they're stuck, they're covered with burglar bars! They're covered with-"


Trevor bashes the huge, stained glass window with a half rotted chair that was sitting next to him as Jenny was panicking out loud.

(Jenny) "...bars..." (under her breath)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       There are no bars.  The gaping window is large enough for them to climb out, but only one at a time.

"Name's Trevor. You go first. Hurry UP!!"

Jenny climbs through quickly but carefully, then helps Trevor on the other side as he makes his way through.

The two quickly make their way into a large, open park nearby.
Some of the walkway lights are still functional and they make their way out of the lit path.
After they feel they are at a safe distance away from the apartment complex, they make their way into a wide gazebo, which houses lots of wooden tables and chairs as well as a nice, broad and clear view of the street and the apartment complex.

Jenny stumbles to help Trevor with an arm over his shoulder, Trevor struggling to stay on his two feet as well as maintaing consciousness.

(Trevor) "Ah!! You think we got far enough from the..."

He was going to say "the apartment complex", but as he asks while looking back, searching out in the distance for the apartment complex, it nowhere to be found.
Only a large, cemented over, empty lot is present where the complex should have been.

(Trevor) "Ahhhh! What the fuuuck..."
Trevor lays down completely flat on the wooden bench in the gazebo.
One hand both hands clutching his heavily bleeding stomach.

(Trevor) "Jenny...? I don't think I'm going to make it. Ahhh! It's really weird. It really fucking hurts, but it's starting to kind of much...Ah..."

(Jenny) "You're going to be alright! I'm going to go find help! Right now! I'll find someone, you're gonna be okay. Say it..."

(Trevor) "You're not going to find anyone. Nobody else is around. Look at this. I'm going to die here, like this. I can't believe I'm actually fucking dying here like this Jenny. It's weird when it's really...happening...ah!"
"Can we be still friends? I don't...have any friends...for a long time, haven't had any...Jenny..."

Trevor is swallowing hard, squirming, gritting and grinding his teeth, in obvious, excruciating pain.

(Jenny) "You're just going into shock. You're not going to die Trevor. Yes, of course I will be your friend. You saved me. Helped me. I want to help you... Keep putting pressure on it. Everything's going to be okay. I know it..."

She gets in closer, to hold and comfort him as best she can.
She grabs a handkerchief from her back pocket to wipe the sweat and tears streaming down Trevor's face.

(Jenny) "Tell me more about you Trevor. I want to know more about you..."

She starts to cry intensely all of a sudden, unable to hold it in any longer.

(Jenny) "Do you have a big family...? Lots of brothers and sisters... A girlfriend...?"

Trevor chuckles excruciatingly at this, followed by a painful wince.
Jenny continues wiping the sweat and tears from his face.

What seems like eternities pass...

(Jenny) "Everything's going to be okay Trevor. Everything's going to be alright..."

Trevor let's out an exhale.

Trevor stops moving.

He is completely motionless...

The sounds of sobbing and weeping can be heard echoing incessantly throughout the park.

(A fade to blackness...)


The End

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