Chapter 3 - The Voice That TauntsMature

Hours of work dragged and ached by that day for Katherine. She wouldn't say that she hated her job as a tattoo artist. It could actually be quite enjoyable when she didn't have to spend a day dealing with first-time-tattoo sort of customers, who cried out of screamed, even though she'd warned them it would hurt. But sometimes she got bored, and that was why she had started writing the horror stories for a horror and sci-fi magazine. She could get paid to terrify people; to terrify them with tales about her life.

At home that night, she submitted her latest short story by email, before searching online for the videogame she had read about in the early hours of the previous morning. Trawling through pages of search results, she only found one small online shop selling the game. Despite the expensive advertising, it seemed that only this one was stocking a "limited number" of the horror game. The words "limited number" forced Katherine to order it. That blood-soaked writing and promises to take her further than hell had wormed its way into her mind. In her opinion, she had already been further than hell. But she supposed she was biased.

Katherine watched her two cats wander around, and she thought about people. Her real father had died when she was five years old. Her mother had remarried. Her step-brother and step-father had done horrible things to her. The bullying and the eating disorders had began. And then her mother had committed the unltimate betrayal. Katherine had left home at seventeen. People were not very high up in her list of priorities. The bully had been sorted out for good though...

"You won't kick me out of here, or drive me almost to suicide, will you babe?" she said to one of her cats, stroking the animal as it walked past her chair.

"Not unless I forget to feed you anyway." she added, as the cat, the one named Jimi, scraped at her legs in an attempt to get up onto her lap. She thought about the videogame. Something seemed strange about the way they had sold it, in small amounts on an obscure website. Something didn't add up.

nothing about YOU adds up, not to anyone else? Why are you afraid of men? Why do you hate people? Do you think they're all going to hurt you? Are you afraid of s-"

"Shut up!" She snarled, trying to silence that voice inside her head, that taunting voice preying into her weaknesses.

"I hate you." She added, and the voice was silent for a while. Her thoughts were empty and safe and uninfected.



The End

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