Chapter 2 - TrevorMature

Today, it has been raining on and off all day long.
It is a sticky, humid and damp day outside in the big city.
Trevor is sitting at a bus stop, on a disgusting, flaky, green painted bus bench, waiting for a bus that he considers may never come.
It feels like hours or perhaps days to him, but in all actuality, it has been a mere 30 minutes.

Trevor...Trevor one of those types of people you could swear was really there, but just wasn't.
Calm and peaceful on the outside, a raging storm of self hate, societal disgust, turmoil and lot's of pent up agression, all inside a nice, neat, well dressed, well groomed and well mannered package of a gentlemen. (Most of the time...)

A meandering, emotional mess, sometimes silly or sometimes funny to himself when "alone", but mostly just a ghost.
A figment of not only his own imagination, but of everyone else's daily existence as well...

"It's just easier that way..."
He explains to a crumpled, old, dead bird leaning rather awkwardly against the street curb near his feet and gazing upward at him with it's wide, open beak with glazed over, callous eyes, as if screaming it's last, dying sentiments. ("Fuck you Trevor!" "Rraahwk!")

"People...are hard to please...these days. There's so much EXPECTATION. Y'know....?"

"Everyone wants you to jump on their bandwagon. Do what they do, how and when they do it."
"I don't need all THAT. Sometimes I just wanna do nothing. Sometimes...I just want to BE nothing. Pretend like I don't exist. Then suddenly, everything becomes so much easier. Like all of a sudden, when I cut everyone else out of the equation....all of a sudden, all the doors open up....and I am FREE again!" (smiles a cheesy grin)

"What....? YOU feel that way too sometimes Herbert? Do you miss having friends?"
"I used to miss having friends, but now they're all dead... haha."
"Oh shit, wait, does your back hurt sitting like that...? Oh, I'm sorry....I should've..."-

Just then the bus arrives, seemingly out of nowhere and with a loud WHOOSH! of wind and machinery, as the steamy behemoth comes to a full, abrupt and slightly screechy stop.

The foggy and wet folding door of the bus opens up with a loud and long rusty CREEEAK! and Trevor boards the steel beast.
He fumbles in his front, pant pocket for the change to deposit into the coin machine next to the driver.

"Hello!" Trevor issues to the bus driver with a warm smile as he continues hunting for the change.
The driver, already looking him up and down issues back nothing but a lazy and scraggly "Uhhgh" as the coins make their way noisily down the recepticle.

The bus begins it's motion again as abruptly as it stopped and Trevor wavers sideways into a metal bus rail as he regains his balance.
"Fuck you then..." he says below his breath with much sarcasm as he starts down the center walkway, gripping the metal rail up above his head.

Trevor slowly makes his way down the center walkway towards the back, eyeing the bus seats, looking for an entire open 2 seater to claim for himself.

As a side effect of this search, his eyes meet with many tired looking, sore eyes of the other people already seated. So many tired and worn out faces...

It's going to be a long trip and he'd rather not have to deal with another person's blah-blah-blah, or their leg touching his or perhaps the stink of a vagrant, which was always sobering...

Near the very back, left corner he finds his ideal seat.
"Ooowww! There's even some reading material in the seat next to it."
"Hopefully it's not something stupid." He thinks to himself as he reaches it, grabs the magazine and gets comfortable.
It's going to be a long trip to the other side of town for "business".

"Just a little business trip..." He remembers stating on his way out with a smile and a half raised wave to his landlord who is always sitting outside in the lobby of his apartments, issuing forth his usual, piercing, smug and contemptment filled look on his face .

Trevor raises one leg, rests it on his opposite knee, relaxes with an exhale and picks up the magazine.

"Ah, video games! Oow, the latest issue. Nice!"
He opens the magazine. Well, it kind of opens itself as it still has a few mailer cards in the middle that kind of forces it to open to that spot.
He removes the mailer cards to reveal a wonderfully disturbing, dual page advertisement for a new game.

"...psychological horror videogame that will take you to hell and further..." stated part of the ad.

"Awesome..." Says Trevor, becoming more interested.
"Where's the release date? They always have a release date..."

The intial headline, printed in blood soaked text really hooked him in. It read "Hell may be closer than you think."

"'Hell may be closer than you think.'"

"Oh, I hope so. 'Cause something's gotta give one of these days...hmhm." Trevor thinks to himself jokingly, completely clueless as to the events that lie ahead in the coming days...

Trevor takes in the rest of the gory and brilliantly disturbing page art before turning the page.
He turns the page.
There is nothing on this page or the one next to it.
Just pure, glossy black.

He turns the page again.
These pages are also an empty, pitch black.

"...the fuuuck...?"

He speed flips through the entire magazine.
The entire video game magazine's pages are all black, all except for the central advertisement for the psychological horror game.

"Whooooa. Now THAT'S extreme advertising..."

Trevor continues pondering over the odd curiosity of the magazine with an interested smirk, when the bus comes to a jarring and screeching halt...

The End

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