The Escape

On the pure, white snow of the slope below the house Jonny could see a small group of dark shapes moving steadily upwards in the moonlight. He only caught a brief glimpse as Gray immediately began to run up the hill towards the forest. There was a large group of men, all wearing similar uniforms to Gray and the others, mottled whites and greys that made them blend in with each other and with the snow so that, from a distance, Jonny didn’t notice they were there. As Gray reached them they began to run as well, all of them speeding up the slope towards the dead, leafless trees around the hilltop. There were shouts below them, and a few loud cracks. Looking behind them Jonny saw a fountain of snow leap up from the hillside just below them. Then they were in the trees. Once under the bare, black branches all of the men stopped running, they began to move more slowly, blending into the moonlight shadows and the snow. Finally, Gray stopped moving and dropped Jonny into a snow drift and lay down beside it. It was cold in the drift, but when Jonny tried to move he heard Gray whisper,
“Don’t move, don’t make a sound, don’t come out of there until you hear me calling you.” Jonny hugged his coat closer and tried to stop his teeth from chattering.

Suddenly from right outside there came a clatter of noise, a thundering of thousands of explosions all happening at the same time. Jonny nearly jumped, but his position in the drift meant that he could barely move. There were screams and shouts from further down the forest, and then more shots from both sides. Something small, black and fast whizzed by the opening of Jonny’s snow hole and tore a chunk out of a nearby tree. Yet despite all of the noise and confusion, Jonny felt his tiredness increasing. Suddenly the biting cold of the snow began to soften, and became a warm blanket over him. As his eyelids drooped he did not notice the ceasing of the din of battle, or the sound of Gray calling his name. He was asleep when the large, strong hands lifted him out of his cold sheets and carried him away.

The End

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