Cold (Unfinished)

I chose a random word and decided to write about it. Today it was 'Cold'

From the dead cold night outside came another chill breeze floating through the half open window on the opposite side of the empty hospital waiting room. The wind rippled my scarf but the gust seemed to pass through me like an invisible phantom whistling it's haunting chorus as it passes, undisturbed, uncontrolled.

A flurry of activity erupted behind the pale green door to the patient's ward and my heart pounded inside my chest. I lowered my head and tried to concentrate on what they were saying but all I could hear was my inner voice endlessly listing the negative scenarios that could be happening behind that door only a few yards away. The frantic voices got louder as they passed closer to the door. Frantic, that can't be good. A slightly louder, commanding voice rose above the rest. They've called in a senior doctor. Definitely not good.

Time slowed dramatically for the next few hours. It felt like years were passing. Like all the sands of the earth had been put into an ever-flowing hourglass counting down to the end. Slowly. Every crack in the tiles beneath my feet, every fibre of the laces in my shoes became more familiar than the faces of those I loved. More familiar than the woman I married. More familiar than the woman I was about to lose forever.

A lone man strode through the pale green door, his head low and his arms slumped at his side. His eyes showed the sorrow of what he had to do, it was his job but he hated it more and more every time.

The End

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