Part II

             Eric awoke to find Christy lying on her side, staring deep into the warm glow of the dying fire.  “Is something wrong my dear?” He asked, placing his arm around her still naked body. 

            “No, no, nothing is wrong, I’m just worried I guess,” she replied.

            “Worried about what?”  He questioned.

            “Well, about the generator outside.  I’m not sure if it has enough gas to make it through the night,” she responded. 

            “No worries my dear, I checked it this morning.  There is enough gas to last us till morning,” he replied.

            Christy sat up and pulled a black throw off the chair beside her, wrapping herself in it.  “You know how I worry.  It’s silly, I know, but I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep tonight thinking about it.  Do you think you can check one last time before we go to bed?” She asked placing her hand on his chest.

            “Right now?”  He asked as she nodded.  “But baby, it’s so cold outside,” Eric reassured.  “It’ll be fine until morning, I promise.”

            Christy stood up and walked over to the table beside their bed, digging through its small draw.  She pulled out a large candle for comfort and lit it as she placed it on the table.  Looking back at Eric who was now sitting on the bed, she asked, “Please Eric, for me?  It won’t take but a minute or two.”

            Eric sighed and began to get dressed.  He was certain there was more than enough gas but knew that if he didn’t check, he’d never hear the end of it.  “Anything for you my love,” he mumbled. 

            “I’ll start making dinner for us and afterwards we can finish what we started earlier,” she grinned while walking Eric over to the door.

            “I’d like that,” he smiled while opening the door.  Rushing wind filled the room with a deadly chill.  He shuddered. 

            “I’ll be right back,” he called as he hurried out the door to the small shed housing the generator a hundred or so yards away.  He could hear Christy shutting the door behind him.

Eric, out of breath, reached the generator and sure enough, the needle on the gas gauge sat comfortable above the half way marker.  “Women,” Eric grunted under his breath as he began to walk back. 

A small noise caught his attention but as he looked around, he saw nothing.  Assuming it was a small fox, Eric hurried his steps towards the cabin.  Quickly he realized that his steps weren’t alone and the steps were louder than what a fox’s would be.  His brisk walking turned into running as he heard the groans of a creature, a creature that was neither animal nor human.  He felt panic set in and darted for the cabin door just a few feet away.  He twisted the knob but it didn’t move - it was locked.

 “Christy, help!” Eric screamed, banging on the door in desperation.

 No response.

“Help me please!  Christy there’s something out here!”  His stomach clenched.

Just as he began to feel the creature’s breath on his neck, he noticed Christy peering out the small window beside the door.  Her jade tinted eyes were filled with a strange unnatural darkness.  A wretched smile came across her face as she left the curtain fail back into place.

Eric’s screams sounded like whispers against the tempestuous wind as she stepped back towards the candle.  Christy laughed and blew the flame out.

“Good night my love.”

The End

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