Cold Love

My second attempt at a short story has a young couple trapped in a snow storm while their love hides a grave surprise.

   “Eric, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a snow storm this awful in Vermont,” Christy said as she stared out the window in amazement.  The morning sky had become hidden against a wall of snow that continually battered their small vacation cabin. 

            “I know I can’t see a thing out there,” Eric responded wrapping his arms around his bride to comfort her. He looked over her shoulder at the havoc being caused outside and thought: some honeymoon.  “The radio said that all roads are blocked and that the storm isn’t expected to let up for another five days,” he sighed. 

Christy looked up at him with her beautiful scarlet hair piled messily on her head.  He saw the tension in her jade colored eyes.  The very eyes he fell in love with almost a year ago.  “We have plenty of food and enough gas to keep the generator going for a week or two.  We’ll be more than safe in here, my love,” he reassured her. 

            “I know it’s just, well, I didn’t exactly picture my honeymoon going like this.  I mean who has a freak November blizzard during their honeymoon?” Christy paused.  Before he could answer she continued, “Us, that’s who.  Remember our first date, where we had a tire blow out on our way back?  Or how about the time when we were supposed to go down to the Keys and Hurricane Joe came through?  Not to mention the worst one of all, the rain on our freaking wedding day!  All of that’s a bad mojo omen.” 

            “Oh don’t talk like that,” Eric laughed.  “Things like that happen to everyone, not just us.  Besides, rain or no rain, we’re still officially married now.  You’re now Mrs. Eric Crosby!”

            Christy turned around facing him, their chests lightly pressing.  He shadowed over her small petite frame and would appear frightening to those that did not know him.  She smiled, “I know baby.” 

She then began to run her hand through his thick chestnut colored hair, guiding his face towards her.  Their lips met and a warm tingle surged through their bodies.  The mayhem outside slowly began to disappear as his hand glided up her back, pulling her towards him.  Her body was soft and frail and that made him crave her more. 

            Eric began moving towards the fireplace in the center of the one room cabin, his armed guiding his bride along the way.  Gasping and moaning, their lips did not part while they eagerly shed their clothes. In front of the fireplace they stood while their exposed bodies heaved in lust, tongues freely exploring.

With a swift, delicate motion, Eric gently picked up Christy and laid her down on the bear skin rug lying in front of the hissing fire.  A small moan left her lips as he parted her legs, sliding himself in between them.  She closed her eyes and felt Eric entering her body, penetrating her soul. His face tightened in eager pleasure and they then made love until the early evening.

The End

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