My alarm goes off. 5AM. Time to get up.
I shut it off. I'm not ready. I close my eyes once more as my skin becomes aware of the discrepancy between my body temperature and room temperature. My body's warm. My room is not.
With closed eyes, images come back to me. I see bits and pieces of what was once a dream. I see a beautiful house. I see the rose bush in the garden. I see the deep blue giving way to to the rosy colors of the rising sun. And then, suddenly, nothing. It was pitch black. After what seemed like an eternity, blackness gave way to flame. But that flame only made darkness worse. It was the house. It was burning. And deep, icy blue eyes stared into my soul. I could not see the face that held those eyes, or even it's body. But I could feel it creeping closer and closer to me. I gasped and opened my eyes, but I could still see the eyes and I could still feel it's presence. I sit up straight trying to shake the feeling away, but by doing so my covers fall off and cold air envelops my very soul. Trying to smooth off the goose bumps from my arms, I get up and run to turn off the ceiling fan.
I reach out to the switch but somehow I cannot reach it.
I try to move closer but somehow I cannot move either.
My eyes black out.
I feel him in the cold.
He's the one from the dream, I know that now.
And he holds me his prisoner without ever touching me.
He laughs.

The End

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