January 29, 2009

January 29th, 2009


Mir hailed a cab, going to the first place she thought of- Nicole's apartment. She just needed someone to talk to. The taxi had holes in the seats and the smell of cigarettes, but Mir barely noticed. She spent the ride breathing as evenly as she could, trying to calm down. She gave the driver a twenty, event though the ride was only eleven dollars.


Mir punched in Nicole's code- Nicole had given it to her long ago- and walked up the stairs to her apartment quickly. Nicole answered the door, and immediately knew that something was wrong.                                         


Mir explained the whole sordid story to Nicole, who listened to it sympathetically, nodding her head at all the right moments "I just don't know... I mean, I don't think I can trust him to be faithful anymore... But he is an alcoholic, and it was only once."


"Sleeping with something else isn't okay, even if he did do it only once. I think that you should ask yourself if you can forgive him for this."


Mir bit her lip. "I don't know. I don't think that I can stay in the same apartment as him, not for a while... But I think I still love him, Nic. I don't want to get divorced."


"Maybe just stay here for a while, and see what happens." Nicole got up from the couch. "And I have two kinds of ice cream in the fridge, embarrassingly enough. What kind do you want, Chocolate or Vanilla Caramel?"


"Chocolate." Mir said distractedly, flipping through Nicole's dvd's. "Do you have any movies that don't involve romance?"


"One or two." Nicole called from the kitchen. "If you don't mind watching Ocean's Twelve." 


Mir shrugged, just glad for the distraction.


The End

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