February 12th, 2009

February 12th, 2009


Mir was breathing heavily, her arm bleeding as the guards gripping her arms opened old wounds, presumably by accident. They unbound her legs, guiding her down the hall roughly, to a small room, with only a table and a chair, and one small window. The guards shoved her into the chair, and tied her down. 


Hart walked in, smiling triumphantly. "Not many people have made it this long, Mir. A whole week! You should be proud. But I knew you would crack eventually. If it wasn't the pain that got you, it would be the threat of Rine. You wouldn't want to be unfaithful to Jonathan- even after he was unfaithful to you."


Hart smiled at Mir's surprise. "Don't look so shocked. Didn't you suspect anything after we knew exactly where to find you? You of all people should know how easy it is to bug someone's apartment. Just snuck in there while you and Jonathan were on vacation last year- so simple. I wonder that you didn't think it was a little strange that Krissy comes over so often? Didn't you suspect anything?"


Mir clenched her teeth."It was only once. And that was a... mistake."


"Of course, of course. How silly of me. They usually go to his office."


"His- You bugged his office too? I... That's not possible. Jonathan isn't like that...It was just once. You're messing with my head." 


"I have some sound recordings that would disagree with you... If you'd care to hear them?"


"What?" Mir asked, her voice shaky. "No- that's not-"


Hart nodded to the second guard. "Play it."


Mir closed her eyes, dreading what she would hear. 


"Krissy- please- I'm married." Mir heard a voice that was unmistakably Jonathan's.


"I don't care. Marriage doesn't mean anything anymore." And that was definitely Krissy's voice, which made Mir ball her hands into fists.


"I'm not going to do this. I can't."


"Don't you want to?"


"There's not a man on Earth that doesn't... But I have a wife that I love. What happened was a mistake, and it will never happen again. It only happened because Mir was working late at the lab, and it was the last day of work before Christmas Vacation..."


"Oh my god." Mir whispered. "Jonathan..."


"That's not the only reason why it happened, and you know it." 


"It was just one time, Krissy. And I'm sorry it happened, but there's no way I can take it back. We just have to forget it, and act like adults."


"Fine. You can pretend that it didn't happen. But I won't."


The tape ended, and Hart smiled cruelly at Mir, who felt like her insides had been scooped out. I never thought he'd do something like that... And he wasn't even drunk. I've wasted seven years of my life in love with him.


Hart scrutinized her. "I knew you weren't really ready when you walked in here. It's not too hard to imagine yourself being a traitor when someone is holding a knife to your face... but when you're at a table, talking rationally... You weren't unhinged by the pain. You were almost unhinged by Rine's threat, but not quite. I could tell. But I also knew I could get you. It's not that hard, especially when someone is married. There's always some sort of infidelity or secrets... Although it's usually not as easy as just listening to the tapes. Usually we have to do some digging. Jonathan didn't even try to hide it."


 Mir desperately wanted to cry, but refused to display any sign of weakness. "You're not going to let me go, are you? Even if I tell you what you want to know?"


"I might. After all, we can keep very close tabs on you, get you in a second if you step one toe out of line. You may think that spying on your apartment and Jonathan's office was all, but it wasn't. Your home and cell phone, Jonathan's office and cell phone, Nicole's apartment, and both her phones, your parent's house, their phones... No matter where you go or who you call, we know. So letting you go would only mean that you were out of sight, because we'd know everything else."


Mir sighed. "Fine. I'll do you what you want. Whatever you want."


The End

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