January 29, 2009

January 29th, 2009


Mir entered her apartment, immediately recognizing the smell of grilled cheese. "Jonathan?"


"I'm in the kitchen." 


She smiled in relief. The business trip had been less than a week, but it was the longest they had been separated since they'd gotten married two years ago.


"Hey," she breathed, hugging him. "I missed you."


He smiled in a weird way. "I missed you, too.... I hope you're hungry."


"Starving." Mir flopped onto the couch, relishing the soft cushions after hours in an uncomfortable plane seat. She shifted a little bit, trying to get comfortable, feeling something hard dig into her back. Mir sat up, pulling out a lipstick. It was an expensive one, one that would cost about 45 dollars. Mir knew it wasn't hers, or any of her friends. She set it on the coffee table carefully.


"Jonathan," She said warily. "Do you know whose this is?"


He brought some grilled cheese out to the living room. "What?"


Mir held up the lipstick, and Jonathan seemed to crumple. "That? Uh, it..." 


Jonathan sat on the couch, his face haggard. "I was working on a story with Krissy, and she just showed up here, and.... she brought a bottle of champagne."


"Oh, Jonathan. You didn't...." Mir bit her lip, afraid of what was coming.


"I couldn't stop myself. It was my brand, and its been years since I've had a drink. I- I don't know how it happened. And you know how it is when I drink... I never just stop with one glass. I must've had.... I don't know. Too many. I don't remember anything about that night, but... I woke up next to Krissy the next morning... I am so sorry. You know I never would have done anything if I was sober."


Mir stared at the sandwiches, not knowing what to do. She felt dizzy, and slightly nauseous. 


"Mir?" Jonathan said. 


"I don't know... I just... I have to go." Mir grabbed the suitcase she had just come in with, and opened the door, catching a glimpse of Jonathan slumped over, looking miserable. 


The End

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