Chapter 5Mature

Agent C. Your mission is enclosed in the following pages of information that we have on the subject. Best of luck.

Name of Subject: Martin D'Vais.

Middle aged..............

I hear a key turn in the door and stuff the files back into the manila envelope, throwing it behind the tv.

"Hey baby. Shop's shut. Hows about we order in a pizza?"

"Well we could... or," I get up and walk over to him. "we could go into my bedroom."

"I like where this is heading."

"Good." I take Greg by the hand and lead him to the room, our clothes slipping off under each others touch.

"Oh baby." he cups my breasts and turns his tongue to my nipples, circling and sucking the teat. I reach down to his cock, rubbing my hand up and down the shaft, pulling his foreskin back and forth gently. He groans and pushes me back onto the bed.

"Not yet." I whisper. and he carries on caressing my body, his touch tingles up and down my thighs and he slips a finger to my crotch, tracing a heart shape on the furry mount of my womanhood. He pushes his finger down to my clitoris, and gently rubs my labia. he removes his finger and takes a suck on his wet digit.

"Hmm, you taste good baby." I walk my fingers down his torso down the treasure line to his cock. The first droplet of pre-cum glistens in the half-light of my room. i teasingly but my tongue to the helmet and push it into my mouth. I moans in pleasure at the warm wetness of my mouth.

After a few minutes of my sucking and fondling of his balls he dares to string words together. "That's it." he leans over to the dresser removing himself from my mouth and pulls out a small silver packet. 

He carefully tears the edge and pulls out the condom, passing it to me. I roll it down the fullness of his shaft and he pulls me up over him, hovering me over his cock with utmost care. I ease over him.

"Fuck baby..." and he half grunts - half moans. We start to move together, our bodies start to become sweated and he rolls me over so he can thrust into me.

"I'm coming, I'm coming." he closes his eyes and a pained, pleasurable expression comes over him. Almost at this waves of pure ecstasy wash through me. It feels like black and white and crippling pain yet unstoppable happiness, there is no one, everything is everything and nothing. I arch my back to him and dig my fingers into his back, pulling them down into me. He shakes with orgasmic fire.


We we cuddled up on the sofa, both in fluffy pink dressing gowns.

"Wanna still order in some food?"


"Wanna get some food cloth-ears?"

"Yeah, want me to ring seeing as you went out earlier."

"Sure, switch on tv while you're up."

"Indian or pizza?"

"Oooh, how does a large meat feast pizza sound and we'll pop leftovers in the fridge?"

"Slice of fried gold."

I hunt down the menu and pop the tv onto QI.

"It'll be here in 40 minutes, £23.50, I got some tubs of ice-cream for after."

"Excellent." I get back onto the sofa and get back into his warm arms.

The End

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