Chapter 4Mature

I'll open the envelope when I get into the flat. Quiet, no cameras or bugs and I can have a glass of this wine the boss gave me. i take a quick jog up the stairs and put the crate down. Keys should be here somewhere... phone, purse, envelope, portable database, pager, pens, binoculars... aaaand keys! Success! I let myself in and chuck my bag down.

"Oh, hi Greg, didn't know you were gonna turn up today. Hows you?"

"Yeah, thought I'd surprise you, and I'm good. How was work?"

I give him a quick peck, "Oh the usual boring sh*te, filing, fixing code, sorting out graphic glitches. But we had a raffle for the kids hospital and I won this."

"Epic, told you you were lucky. So wanna have a chinky and a glass of your wine then... chinky'll be on me."

"I'd love that." I jump over the back of the sofa and land next to Greg. "Smooches Fight!"

* * *

 "So, I'll phone up, and we'll have food in no time."

"Oh... but if you just walk to the one on the corner we'll get it sooner."

"True... wanna come with honey buns?"

"Nah, gotta do a few phone calls, sort out some tricky clients." I crack my knuckles.

"Kay hun, don't beat 'em up too hard, don't wanna take you to A & E for broken fingers."

"Got it."

Greg gets up and I give him a grab on his butt.

"Oi sexy... later." he winks. he grabs his coat. "So chicken chow mien?"

"OooOoo, I feel like mushroom."

"Got it see I'll be back anon mwah mwah." And the door slams behind him.

I leap from the sofa and get the envelope.

The End

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