Chapter 3Mature

He pours a glass for himself, me and Bee.  I play with the stem of the glass, tempted to sip but nervous as I might be caught off guard. The boss is too calm.

"Nice job yesterday Cee-cee, Aie was sorting out clean up 'til the early hours."

"Yes sir, but it would have gone smoothly but for law abiding citizens."

"Ha, but without them we wouldn't have anything to protect." He looks at the glass pensively and swills it before taking a gulp of the crimson liquid. "It's good, grew the grapes right here in the fields, what is your opinion Cee?"

I sip at my glass. "Strong, slightly bitter, full bodied and you can really taste the cinnamon."

"Don't bullsh*t me with that, do you like it, I know how it tastes." He is much too calm.

"I like it."

"Well you can have a few bottles, the wife wasn't too keen on this one, prefers the ones from the previous year." He mentions a sizable grate to his left. "So lets get down to brass taxes."

"Thank you sir."

"Thank me later, I have an assignment for you."

"W-what, no demotion, no b*llocking; excuse my french, nothing like that?"

"Well I could use you for target practice when I take the boys shooting tomorrow, but I have a 'job' suited just to your tastes."

"Thank you, so what is this 'job'?"

"Oh just the usual." I quietly groan. "Oh no... just surveillance until we get a better grasp of the situation."

"And you're sending me? Surely you'd only need a lower ranking agent like Leigh or Jay could handle this?"

"Ah, but it's a special assignment, bit dangerous and we're still unsure of the subject."

"Okay, I guess this is my punishment then. I can deal with it."

"Oh no, if you do this well there would be significant reward."

"What, no way! Boss this is bullsh*t! She f**ked up royally, had half the troupe called out or banged up, and the rest running round like blue-a**ed flies fixing it up!" Faye is not happy.

"Faye, quiet." She halts with her rant. "Dee, take her outside to cool down."

Bee follows the other two outside.

"Come here child." I get up and place my glass on the desk. "No, here in front of me." he speaks with a voice slightly above a whisper.

"What is it?" I whisper back.

"Cee-cee, I'm in serious danger, and I need an agent who will risk everything on this 'job'. I can't tell you anything more and no-one else is clued in. This is a solo mission so don't balls this up." He kisses both my cheeks French style and hands me a file in a beige envelope. "Open this in a secure location. Now I'm going to ask you to leave and start asap. Got it?"

"Yes sir." I shake his hand and go to leave.

"Don't forget your wine!" He suddenly raises his voice.

I go back and collect the crate before heading back outside to the courtyard.

"That was bullsh*t man! Cee can't get an assignment for f**king up a job! I should have her position!"

"Calm it Faye, you can take this up with the boss later. Now, I think it would be best to stay shtumn."

"Hey guys, Can you take me back to the base or are we heading somewhere else?"

"F**k you man... Rewards for f**king up a job."

"Yes, Cee... Dee, Faye, in the van."

"Yes sir."

The End

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