Chapter 2Mature

The van is pure silence for the first 15 minutes. Geez; shambles job, the balls-up yesterday was worse than I thought... Sh*te! My blindfold is yanked off.

"Sorry 'bout that Cee-cee, can't have 'em clued in." Agent B taps the side of his nose knowingly.

"If the codeword was any less sh*te maybe I'd be vaguely shocked."

"Well to civilians it'd look like your regular grab and drive."

"Regular? Honestly Bee, no-one watches a kidnapping and doesn't report it."

 "Do if they'd get in the sh*ts with the cops if they so much as glimpse 'em"

"True. So how long is this gonna take?"

Agent's D and F sit forward and rifle through some papers.

"Well, could take ten minutes or 'bout an hour; depends on how the boss wants to deal wiv this." Dee butts in.

"Yeah you're in for a mega f**king b*llocking. Could be demoted and put under me!" Faye smirks.

"Or, I could replace Eve and still be ahead you."

"Not after yesterday sunshine."

"I can hope... So who's driving this wreck?"

Dee looks through the notes again. "Peyton is on driving duty after her last fiasco with the cops, she might get swapped with you ya know."

"Better an' scaling walls and at knife or gun point."

"Ha, you wish!"

"Shh guys, we're getting close." Bee slaps Faye on the leg.

The last few minutes were in silence but for the crunch of gravel and the odd bump of the van on trees.

Agent B gets out first and cracks his knuckles and does a few stretches. "Getting out before dark?"

We scrabble out to a courtyard in the middle of nowhere. A small holding of some sort with chickens and horses. I'm ushered into the cottagesque building and lead down to a wine cellar.

It's dark and behind a large wooden desk with a dusty bottle in front of him sits the boss.

He gestures for me to sit and starts.

The End

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