Martin D'Vais was nothing special, until he became himself.

The file flashed up in horrid bright green on Agent C's portable database screen.

It read:

Martin D'Vais: Age - 32, Appearance - slim, balding blond hair, five stitches above left eyebrow, WILL be wearing glasses due to the inabilty to see without them.

Information: Wife, name Anna (nee: Van Frohe) D'Vais.    2 Daughters, Xena, 15 and Jules, 12.    Parents, Charles D'Vais (deceased) and Maria (nee: Reed) D'Vais, 58.    No known siblings.

Profession: Freelance Writer, author of The Scorpio Chronicles and Feature Journalist in Paranormal Science Monthly

Warning! Approach subject with extreme caution, subject may be armed and is dangerous.

The End

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