Devil; really as bad as they say.

  He took another sip of his fine coffee and didn't bother with the menu. He already knew what he would be having once his guest arrived. The lunch special had said veal, and uhmm uhmm he did ever so like veal. He wondered if he actually liked veal, or if he just did it to get the animal activists up in arms. A flash of skirt caught his eye and he turned to admire a fine set of legs clad in stockings. With a smirk and smallest flick of his hand, a gust of wind blew just right and a skirt was lifted barely enough to expose frilly white garters. His smile grew as he locked eyes with the shocked woman. She turned red and gave a shy yet provocitive smile back as she turned to continue on her way. Just before she reached the corner, she looked back with that mischievous smile only women can truely give.

  "Oh yes, I'll be seeing you later tonight." A deep chuckle rumbled from his chest. Sometimes it was too easy, but he didn't mind. For today would be the next step taken in his ages old plan. And a tiny step it would be, so insignificant that no one would even notice. Not at first. When someone did finally start to realize the truth, it would only be the religious zealots. And how they would be shocked. Everyone would think they were crazy...well... even crazier. Not even the leaders of any organized religion would take heed. At first.

  Organized religion! Ha! Oh the irony of it all. If only they knew. Oh how they would howl and scream and deny. Beseech thy God! But it wasn't time yet. Not yet, there was still too much sweetnessto be savoured yet.

  "They say the Devil's greatest trick was convincing man that he didn't exist." he said quietly to himself. "Actually, it's my secound greatest, and in time, well... in time all will learn the truth of it." But not yet, no no, not yet. He paused, coffee half way to his mouth. "Actually now that I think on it, it wasn't even my trick." Oh ho! Now that was even better. Oh how they would gnash their teeth in self hatred and anger when the truth was revealed.

  But his musing were interupted by the arrival of his guest. Shabbily dressed in a wrinkled blue shirt, red shorts, black socks and black faux leather sandels he plopped himself down on a chair opposite the patient demon. Brown hair parted to one side was only slightly less greasy than the man's skin. Small almost close set brown eyes that never seemed to stop looking everywhere and a double chin in need of a  shave. His wide nose sat ever so slightly off center of his wide round face. As soon as he sat he dropped yesterday's newspaper and rather scratched laptop on the table in front of him.

  "Convinced who, that who didn't exist?" the guest asked in a weezy voice that had seen far too many cigerettes. The devil sat and studied his guest a few seconds and almost regretted having made this lunch meeting with the repelent man.

  "Why the Devil of course." the Devil replied with a rising of one imaculant eyebrow. "They say convincing man he didn't exist was his greatest trick."

  "Huh. If that was his greatest, then he isn't much of a trickster. Everyone knows of the devil."

  "Really? And do you sir, believe in the Devil?"

  "Pfft! Of course not, he doesn't exis.... Oh, good one." A smirk  on his face, he looked the Devil in the eye and fished a pack of smokes from his rumpled shirt pocket. "Do you mind if I...."

  The devil gave the slightest shake of his head and pushed the ashtray closer to his guest. " You do know those things could kill you?"

  "Don't you mean to say 'will kill you'?" Asked the man as he struck a match and puffed his cigerette.

  "No. Could is exactly what I mean. How can anyone say will if you get killed by a bus? Then it wouldn't be the cigerettes would it?" The Devil studied his guest for another few seconds. He already knew cancer would not be the demise of the man. 

  The man took another puff and set the cancerstick in the surprisingly clean ashtray along with a still burning match. The Devil leaned ever so slightly forward to catch a whiff of home in the scent of burnt sulphur.

  "Ok you called me and asked for this meeting, it's your dime. Mind if I have a look at that menu?" The greasy man asked as he reached for the menu. The devil bowed his head and pushed folder forward.

  "By all means do." 

The End

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