Coffee with the Devil


The turn of the previous century building of dark stone, complete with high arched windows and solid wood doors is host to a small café. Inside were the usual restaurant trappings. Tables and a small bar complete with a few stools. Tastefully lit, not too bright, not too dim. The quiet bustle of a competent staff and chatting customers. The hiss of a cappuccino maker and the soft hum of refrigeration units. Through a doorway a narrow sidewalk patio with a half dozen tables partially sheltered under a spreading oak tree. White painted furniture and the seats covered with blue and yellow stripped cushions. All the tables were occupied but only one had a single guest.

The Devil sipped his coffee. It had grown cold, but he didn’t mind. After a quick look around to see who was watching, he dipped his finger into the liquid until steam gently wafted from the surface. He took another sip and smiled; the perfect temperature. It was a glorious summer day, the sun shining, a gentle breeze and hardly any humidity, the odd fluffy white cloud. Not that any kind of heat would ever bother a demon of course. And he had even managed to score a great seat on the small sidewalk patio. The café served excellent coffee. He would have to remember this place and come back. Raising the cup to his lips, he realized it was empty. It was after all, very good coffee.

Dressed sharply in a business suit yet still managing to look casual, he sat patiently waiting for his lunch guest to arrive. Of course, his guest didn’t yet know he was a demon. Behind Cool Ray sunglasses, the Devil watched women walking by in their summer dresses or shorts, admiring their legs. He had always been a “leg man” as the saying goes. He didn’t know why, but he was. Of course calling him any kind of “man” always brought a chuckle forth. He had been called many things over the millenniums, most were quite nasty, but “man” had never been one of them. Gesturing, he signaled the server with his cup.

Another coffee please.”

Yes sir. Would you like to see a menu? We also have a small selection of fine wine or beer if you would like a cool drink for this warm day.” the server asked with the slightest trace of a Canadian accent.

Ahh... no thank you. Alcohol, never touch the stuff myself. Coffee would be fine and... yes a menu too please.” He smiled and she left to see to another customer before going inside.

He didn’t mind that his guest was late. When you have been around as long as the Devil, waiting an extra half hour or so was not such a big deal. Not like he had any pressing business or earth shattering events to take of. Most of the hard work had been done thousands upon thousands of years ago and now it was pretty much easy sailing. Things tended to take care of themselves, rarely needing a helping hand from him. Which had been the plan all along. “A helping hand indeed” he chuckled to himself again. No, he had done enough all those eons ago. He was still smiling when the server brought his coffee and menu. It was such a fine day all around.

The End

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